is DOOM 4 (2016) playable via vorpx?

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    i’ve seen many custom profiles into the vorpx cloud: there is a profile with 4000 downloads, and a profile that offers g3d (via a profile based on amnesia a machine for pigs that is a opengl game)…

    is it playable?


    I used reshade and superdepth3d to get a 3d sbs version with tridefvr, but as far as I remember Vorpx sbs does not really work with the same technique.

    As for the profiles, I don’t remember any of them working in g3d.


    MAYBE cloud profiles works with z-normal…


    i just played it in Immersive Screen Mode and it worked perfect for me. I did the following Ingame settings. Everything else i left default.

    Main Settings:

    – Playstyle: Immersive Screen Mode

    – More immersive Screen settings: Screen Curvature: 1.3; Screen Curvature vertical: ON; Background: none; Edge Peak Background: none

    Head Trackgin Settings:

    – HT Sensitivity 0.00


    I never could get any profile to give 3D effect. Thus, just played the game in Vorpx with no 3D, but still really, really enjoyed it on Reverb. Given it has no hdr support anyway (one advantage pancake still has), I found playing it in an imax setting damn fun.


    There is a Vorpx cloud profile called “sorryaboutyourcats” that’s very popular, and according to this gameplay/review, that profile has G3D:


    I checked “sorryaboutyourcats” profile and it has nice head tracking and playable direct vr screen but D3D as well as all zbuffer options are useless, none of it works, but you can select them. So its just a nice head tracked immersive screen, not even a bit of stereo.


    Yeah its so hard to tell, has the g3d ever worked for anyone or has everyone been fooled? Cause its very deceptive in the current state it is, but never the less it is a pancake.

    I wish somebody would finally confirm one or the other because I cant seem to get an answer anywhere and Im iv slowly begun to play it on my monitor.

    all info of the current state of its g3d –

    Has G3d ever worked in DOOM 2016? Cause it certainty doesnt any more.

    Im not very savvy with Vorpx, all i can say is that of all 15 or so profiles for the game cloud have exactly the same vorpx build – 16.2.0

    Has anyone tried making a more current one? Is that even how it works?
    I tried looking up how to do it myself but honestly its either way too easy or way too hard, cant find the info on it.
    All im seeing is start from a made profile, but which one? does it matter?


    I just came here to confirm that I saw it working at some point but it later never worked in G3D anymore.

    Not sure why but I was recording it and it was working at that point:


    I saw Ralf comment about nvidia breaking something with new drivers one time, maybe its related.

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