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    I have an issue with Battlefield Hardline. Cinema mode is off, and head tracking is on. When I turn my head, not only does it turn my body in game, it turns my head away from a flat projection of the game into unoccupied space. As if I am in some sort of alternate cinema mode. Is there a setting to prevent this, and just enable mouse movement? (DK2)


    I’m having similar issues. I didn’t notice that my body was moving to be honest. Either way something is off.

    check out this thread

    [SOLVED] Fallout 4 – Head tracking problem with Vorpx 16.1.1


    This was a DK2 issue, and you can apply a fix immediately if you want. I will release an update later today.

    To apply the fix manually please

    1. Close vorpX if currently running.
    2. Browse to C:\Users\[User]\AppData\Local\Animation Labs\vorpX\Devices
    3. Open OculusRiftDK2.ini with Notepad
    4. Search for iTimewarpMode
    5. Change iTimewarpMode=0 to iTimewarpMode=10
    6. Save the file
    7. Restart vorpX

    The AppData folder may be invisible. If so, please enable “Show hidden files” in Windows Explorer


    Haha thanks Mack, but I think I read like EVERY thread before I came here to bug them. xD. However the solution below Mack’s comment I will try out here in a moment and report back with my results.

    Meanwhile I have another question, I got impatient last night, uninstalled battlefield and reinstalled Titanfall (due to the limited space on my solo 500gb ssd) just to get a game in after a day of wrestling with it. *Kissed Mag 2 before execution*. No hook O.O, oh darn. Is this a thing too?

    Thank you for the reply guys!


    Works great thanks Ralf!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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