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    VRified Games

    First person settings for mod

    also recommend the following for better visuals in vr –
    Use Either
    CustomEngine: Disables Motion Blur, Depth of Field, Bloom, also sets MaxAnisotropy to 16x.
    CustomEngineNoAA: All the above + Disabled AA – can be useful for Reshade mods with custom Anti-Aliasing settings.

    open the official profile for Jedi Fallen Order and change the following (I am unable up upload custom settings for some reason)

    change the following

    Main Settings

    play style : Full vr.
    image zoom : .96
    3d reconstruction: Geometry
    3d strength/Scale : .60
    Camera Height Modifier: .35 (or else you will see your headless model when running lol )
    3d FOV enhancement : .16
    Headtracking Sensitivity : .83

    Image Settings

    game HUD Scale : 0.545
    game HUD scale Horizontal : 0.755
    game HUD scale Depth : 1.00

    (optional….but come on, its awesome)

    Head Tracking Settings

    HT Pos. Tracking Unlock : on
    HT Positional Tracking : on

    thats it….enjoy


    i successfully performed the procedure to install the first person mod, but the game crashes after launching it

    VRified Games

    Don’t use the latest version of “unreal mod loader”

    Use this one

    Unreal Engine Mod Loader V2.1.0 from the GitHub

    Sorry….i should have said that

    VRified Games

    update: custom settings now in the Cloud. enjoy.

    once you have wall running unlocked in first person I was surprised how much it plays like titanfall 2, then I realized respawn developed both games….crazy what a change in perspective can do.

    best star wars experience in vr

    VRified Games


    have changed some shader settings for a better experience in full vr.

    the Original profile was for a third person game and played in immersive screen.

    it didn’t account for playing in first person and in full vr.

    much better now, download custom settings from the cloud.

    this profile/Mod combo is very strong with the force ;-)

    VRified Games

    VRified Games

    here is the mod in action with the custom profile

    VRified Games

    VRified Games

    Starting a let’s play series….maybe


    Awesome mod. When I try to use G3D using youri profile, the right eye is blurry and no real view. When I change it to Z-normal I have both eyes working. Anyone have this issue? I am also getting some type of revive error in the background.


    Tried on both my Quest 2 and HP G2 and neither gets anything in the right eye. NO more Revive overlay error though

    VRified Games

    If you get issues where one eye is blank,

    First thing to do is restart te game and see does it persist

    If it does, you can reset the profile to factory reset and see if the issue persists

    If not re download the custom profile settings

    Let me know if this helps :-)


    Tried everything again. Unistalled everything, triee different profiles, can can not get G3D. Going to try to improve my Z-normal profile and see if I can increase the 3D.

    VRified Games

    Man im sorry to hear that.

    VRified Games

    Part 2 of the let’s play series, focusing on combat

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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