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    VRified Games

    Jedi Fallen Order VR let’s play part 3


    i successfully performed the procedure to install the first person mod, but the game crashes after launching it

    I wasn’t able to follow the tutorial either, my game kept on crashing as well. Instead of using Unreal Mod Loader and Fallen Order Mod handler, I used Fallen Order Mod Loader instead from and it worked!

    Give it a try! Haven’t tried VorpX with this yet, but will in a short while.


    Great profile and mod, thank you. I havent tried the second mod for settings yet but for me on a G2 running the game at 4k it’s really blurry. Is that normal?

    VRified Games

    No that’s not normal. It sounds like you still have anti aliasing and/or motion blur enabled

    You should disable those for best visuals in VR.

    I would highly recommend you try with the optional mod for visuals.

    It doesn’t change anything in terms of graphics/textures….but helps remove eyesores from post processing effects

    They look great on flat screen, but don’t play nice with geometry 3D at all

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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