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    I’m interested in seeing dinosaurs in VR and Jurassic Park: Evolution has the best dinosaur experience in games, I think. What is the way to make VorpX hook this game? I know you can use other games’ profiles and if it is similar enough, it will hook up. Which games would that be, or any other advice. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you!


    I think it will be similar to hooking Planet Coaster (a game by the same company, on the same engine) and I saw people getting 3D in Planet Coaster, but for some reason I can’t hook it with Vorpx on my computer (the latest hardware). So how do you properly hook Planet Coaster? Thank you!



    I think it’s the Unreal 4 engine. There are plenty of profiles you could try.


    Thank you! I will try that! In the meanwhile, I found the way to get VR in Jurassic World Evolution, but with other software.


    IanM, try Island 357.


    @IanM Thank you! I will try that! In the meanwhile, I found the way to get VR in Jurassic World Evolution, but with other software.

    is that proper 3d and does it work with Planet coaster please?


    What software did you use to get VR in Jurassic World Evolution? I would be grateful for this information.


    > Thank you! I will try that! In the meanwhile, I found the way to get VR in Jurassic World Evolution, but with other software.

    There is a special circle of hell reserved for people that drop comments saying “thanks. I found a solution” but not saying what it is. ;-)


    I am a long time owner of 2 Vorpx Licenses and love the software.

    Any chance though of stating what software you used to get Jurassic World Evolution working please?

    Many thanks


    With which settings did you make it in
    Jurassic World Evolution to generate real geometical 3D ??
    Is this program Reshade with SuperDepth3D ???
    Can you post your settings for Reshade SuperDepth3D here … ?? … I can only get flat 2D … with many other games it works great with Depth3D … with VorpX there is no profile, no 3D only 2D Flat …
    I’m desperate, hope you can help me … Thank you for your efforts in advance.

    Have tried a few Unreal 4 game profiles, but none of them generate G3D or Z3D with Jurassic World Evolution.

    shows on his YouTube channel that it still works with G3D.
    Here the link:

    Maybe you can help too, that would be nice.

    3D greetings
    from Hamburg


    Managed to find the right shader buffers for G3D, and have shared the profile to the cloud if you wish to try it [dellrifter22].

    FullVR works best for looking around in the game’s Capture Mode (Shift+C), zoom the camera back all the way out (mouse wheel) for maximum FOV, and hold down Right-Mouse-Button to free look with your head. 3D strength is set to give this view the most accurate scale possible. This is great for just looking around, but you will likely want to use vorpX EdgePeek or Cinema modes for standard play.

    Low settings are recommended (but leave textures High)… and you’ll want to turn off Shadows, AA, AO, and Atmospheric Effect to avoid any blur or misalignment.

    I’ve only tested a couple hours with the Standard version that came free on Epic Store, but I think all is working properly. I sometimes had to have steamVR running first, before the game would hook properly, so keep that in mind.

    Anyway, see what you think.


    @thomas3d that video looks like Z3D – there are distinct depth buffer artifacts on the windows – stretched pixels that look like glassy halo.


    That video is definitely z3d without any adjustments to the depth buffer or convergence. It looks like crap, but people will post anything on youtube I guess.


    Many thanks @dellrifter22
    for the profile … !! … I was very happy about it … but unfortunately I have not yet managed to get VorpX attached … I tried the Reverb G2 …
    Will try tomorrow with the Quest2, Index and Pimax 8KX …


    @thomas3d .. Have you attached vorpX to any other game successfully yet? First make sure you don’t have any overlays or monitoring apps like FRAPS or Afterburner running, and no antivirus software.

    I use HP Reverb G1, and I imagine the G2 works identical. Have WMR running, and then start SteamVR. Then if vorpX is running the game should attach automatically when you start the game.

    Check to see what the actual exe name of your game is when it’s running. If it is something different than JWE.exe than you will need to add it to the profile assignment. I don’t know if the deluxe editions or DLC have alternative exe names?

    Make sure your have selected SteamVR mode in your vorpX config, this is for WMR. Hope this helps.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)
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