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    No problems hooking, but I’m seeing shaders flashing on and off on the map. Not sure if it’s the game or the profile.


    @ dellrifter22
    Today it worked with Quest2 … !! … Wow … !!! … I can only say … !! … the G3D looks fantastic … !! … fully lifelike now the dinosaurs … have fun … !!
    … in 2D the game 0 appeals to me … but in 3D-VR a real “eye bead”

    Thank you again for your G3D profile … will test again how the game runs with the 8KX and again the HP G2 … had forgotten to switch off the atmospheric effect, which only allowed 2D … but now fantastic 3D. .. !!


    I’m glad :)

    yes, it really is cool to fly around in Capture Mode to look at things up close. Now I just wish I could find a working 100% save for the standard game so i can see all of the dinosaurs, but all that I can find require mods or DLC :/

    Guess I’ll just wait for a sale)


    Just tried it on steam @dellrifter22 and it works . Very much appreciated my friend. Loved looking round
    Without being cheeky would this work with Planet coaster also please?

    Many thanks


    Just tried Planet coaster, plays and says G3D but it’s not 3d


    Have WMR running, and then start SteamVR. Then if vorpX is running the game should attach automatically when you start the game.

    I just downloaded your profile. I didn’t really play but just loaded an old saved game of mine and looked around.

    Mr. Dellrifter22, after careful consideration, I have decided to endorse your profile!

    It really works well in Virtual Screen mode and the scale of dinos and people when the camera is at ground level is spot on. Thanks for putting the time into it. Hopefully I can play through Jurassic World Evolution 2 in VR!


    I’m glad to hear it Dr Grant. “…Spared no experience” :)

    As you noticed, immersive screen mode is now the default. It just makes more sense to play the game this way so I made adjustments to best suit this mode instead. No need to bother switching in and out of capture mode FullVR anymore, although you can still experiment with it as you like.

    Oh, and it should be safe now to use Shadows, AA and AO graphical settings.


    I can’t seem to find a link to download the profile, could anyone share it please? Thank you!


    Nevermind, I haven’t used vorpx yet so now when reading more I’m realising I probably need to download it through the software…

Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)
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