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    Hi, I just bought VorpX today for my DK2. The program is working fine. My DK2 is also working fine. I can get DK2 demos to work in both extended and direct mode.

    With VorpX, however, I can not get the games to display correctly on my DK2. I have been at this for about four hours now and I cant get it to work properly. When I set my DK2 to extended mode, the screen is zoomed way in and the images then also cross over when I open both my eyes. When I manage to load the game, my screen does go black and the game loads into my rift, but it is still massively zoomed in on both my eyes at opposite ends of the screen. Then when I open my eyes they both just cross each other, and it is just a mess.

    How to fix this so it fits properly on my screen? I have tried everything…please help me…it feels like I am running the game in extended mode with no VorpX. You know how extended mode is a big mess? the games also load like that….

    I have bought the beta 1 vorpx, is this the correct one for dk2?


    I’m not an expert, but I may I’ll offer a couple of suggestions:

    1) Make sure that you have “Do not use an Oculus Profile” selected in Vorpx – the profile are somehow broken and that messes everything up.

    2) From the in-game (del) Vorpx menu, make sure your IPD is set right. Too low is better than too high. Some of your issues sound like a IPD too high (or #1).

    3) Some games have narrow default FOVs, Metro is one that I tried that is really bad. The game setting may need adjusting, or an ini may need editing. There are 2D and 3D FOV enhancements in the Vorpx (del) menu that can help too.

    4) If the head tracking isn’t 1:1, it can feel zoomed even if it’s not, that head tracking scaling can be adjusted in the Vorpx (del) menu, I’ve found this necessary for some games too (like Metro).

    …That’s all that comes to mind for now… Hope it helps.


    One addition to what epengr says:

    If you use Windows 8, you might have to set the orientation of the DK2 to “Landscape flipped” instead of “Portrait”, otherwise you get a way to small image. Your description sounds pretty much like this could be the case.


    epengr, I have tried all that and it still does not work properly. I don’t even want headtracking, just want the game to load in 3d on my rift.

    The IPD I can not change as pressing del does not bring up the menu, or the game is so zoomed in, I can not see the menu…I have never seen the in-game menu. I press del, i push in my mouse wheel, have tried everything to no avail. The field of view I have tried and still with same results. I have tried more than one game and they all come out exactly the same.

    Ralf., I have Windows 7. I have tried them all, portrait, flipped, landscape etc etc…

    Please guys, I really want this to work…any other suggestions?

    Info: My monitor is a 3DTV set at 1920 X1080 resolution. WIndows 7. GTX 670. I have set the rift at 1920 X 1080, have tried the 948 X 1080…followed all the instructions…everything

    Does no one else have this problem?? Help lol


    Ok guys, I just got it working to fit the screen. The problem now is it still does not fit totally (I cant see the borders) and the resolution is horrible. I can even see text…because the way I got it working was changing my Rift to 948 X1080 and making it main monitor. Then I changed the in-game to 948X1080 and it fit my screen. The thing is, the resolution is horrible…

    The demos for DK2 don’t work if I keep it at this setting and only work when I set it back to 1920 X1080….so since I have worked this out, can anyone help me to get it working at 1920X1080 so the games graphics are better and it fits the DK2? It is horrible looking, bad.


    That is definitely not how it is supposed to work. Games should be set to 1920×1080 for vorpX on the DK2.

    Just in case: Did you follow the DK2 setup guide in the vorpX documentation completely? At least the compatible option mentioned there should definitely work.

    The two options are:

    The most compatible option to setup vorpX with the DK2:

    1. Set the DK2 to Extend Desktop in the Oculus Config Utility.
    2. Use your DK2 as PRIMARY display in Windows.
    3. Set vorpX to “Use system settings” display wise.

    The more convenient, but not as compatible, option:

    1. Set the DK2 to Extend Desktop in the Oculus Config Utility.
    2. Use your DK2 as SECONDARY display in Windows.
    3. Set vorpX to “Show only on Rift DK2” display wise.

    The setup guide has additional images.


    I just quickly flew over the text here…

    Is the game you’re trying out ARMA 3?
    Arma 3 doesn’t work with VorpX atm (despite it saying it’s compatible), it doesn’t hook correctly. The steps you’ve taken to “force it to work” are the right -and only- ones for the game (atm).


    No, this is not Arma3. This is a problem with all my games I try to play. You know how the desktop looks way too zoomed in and messy in the rift dk2 when it is in extended mode? This is exactly how all my games look. It looks like it is trying to merge the screens, but it can’t and it is too zoomed in.

    Ralph, I have tried all those suggestions. I have tried every single possible setting that is in the documents….any more suggestions, please?

    Does no one else have or experienced this problem???

    Does anyone think it maybe could be to do with my monitor being a 55inch 3DTV? Has that got to do with anything? (The normal dk2 demos all work in direct and extended)


    I’ve been having very similar problems… probably put 10+ hours trying every possible vorpx, dk2 and game setting combination on Skyrim & Bioshock Infinite, and the image is always messed up on the rift. Skyrim did load for me one time, but I have been unable to replicate it (super weird). It seems like something just isn’t right (I don’t think it’s a hardware issue, because I can get other demos working fine).

    I read one post by someone who was having lots of similar issues who reformatted his PC and that seemed to do the trick… so just been waiting for enough time to take that on. I’ve made a few driver tweaks to my system over the years for 3d vision… so wondering if it’s something like that.

    I’ll definitely reply to this thread when I get to if with results, and keep us posted if you find a solution.


    I would just wish there were more frequent, smaller updates made to VorpX …
    it would feel more like there’s progress being made, and there’s quicker fixes for small problems such as games that used to hook but do not anymore (arma3 being one of em).


    Hey Mike, I still have not managed to get one game working. I am sure the problem is with these 3rd party drivers. I downloaded Digital Combat Simulator which has native DK2 support, and even though the menu looks incredibly messed up like the games in VorpX do, once I enter the game it works perfectly.

    Bento, I agree. The only responses I seem to get is to check the FOV and bring up the in-game options which I can’t, because the game is so screwed up I can’t even see the in-game menu of VorpX. I am constantly referred to the in game documentation that is simplistic at best.

    Not to worry though guys, Nvidia has just announced native VR support with its new GTX900 series, so I am done with this 3rd party crap. Going to wait for Nvidia drivers and just buy a 900series card and be done with it. It is called VR Direct- part of 3D vision native support, that will not activate any anti-cheat system online and also support thousand upon thousands of games, even ones that aren’t meant for VR!!!! So happy…


    Be very careful with nVidia driver support though… :p
    There was “Elsa Eraser 3D Shutter” 10 bucks glasses 10 years ago which nvidia supported. Then they took that out and offer us practically the same stuff (just advertised differently) as “nVidia 3D Vision” – for 120€ or so.
    It doesn’t work very nicely either – shitton of ghosting and it only supports directX games as well.
    Plus – you “need” a video card which goes along well with it (usually their latest cards… even though older cards are powerful enough for it, too).

    Other than that: It’d indeed be great for -free-, legit drivers to properly support it :)
    What I dislike about VorpX the most is:
    This is a 3rd party beta software for 50€ (!) which is basically an injection hack which can potentially get you banned in multiplayer. The game compatibility works for a while and then tends to break until the next Update. The next “update” seems to take a painstakingly long time to be finished – in which time the new compatibilities already broke again.

    Worst of all, though I’m only 70% sure about this, is… we paid for the current version only… when there’s a big version update we’ll have to buy the software again (I heard) — if that’s true, that’s really. Really really shit.

    Companies like Autodesk and Adobe do such ‘maintenance’ subscriptions.. but VorpX is a programme developed by one single person, very slowly, with little support, lots of fiddling on our part – while Autodesk and Adobe are huge companies with regular stable updates, a huge community, a huge amount of documentation, a huge amount of people working on bugfixes and features around the clock…
    How does VorpX compare itself to this? It doesn’t.
    So I very much hope what I heard is NOT true :p


    Oh yeah, what I completely forgot to mention due to my Rant is…
    For 3D Vision I used to use a driver called “iZ3D”, which is actually meant for Polarized Light Monitors – but the driver can do a variety of different modes — amongst others: SIDE BY SIDE (Which is what Oculus Rift does).
    It will likely not take the lenses into account though… but might be worht a shot, too :)


    Bento, I come from 3D gaming to VR. I am very experienced. I used Nvidia 3D vision interleave on my 3d Monitor and it was absolutely fantastic. Always worked and was never detected as cheating.

    I have also used IZ3D which is bankrupt now and Tridef. Side by Side does not work on DK2.

    Trust me on this, when Nvidia gets VR Direct up and running, these third party drivers will be out of business if they charge $50 on every update, and fast.

    Tridef has already bunked, due to AMD not supporting it anymore and they are also about to release their own VR support that is also native.

    We are heading into strong, native and efficient/official VR support now by Nvidia and AMD, and it will be the end of struggling to get things working. Basically plug and play!! Only thing you have to buy is the GPU that you will buy anyway.


    Yeah, but the new GPUs cost a crapload of money, so its another huge investment.
    I’m currently using a GTX680 and I don’t intend to replace it any time soon
    (which is why I’m VERY careful with driver updates from nVidia… my GTX295 died to the 2XX driver series update :| google around, that update broke a whole bunch of GTX280s and 295s)

    Anyway, I’m very much looking forward to native support for that stuff :)
    I just don’t have the funds to actually afford it, because they always make it an requirement that you “get something” in order to use “something else”. :/
    (3D Monitor and 3D ready card and 3D Vision for Stereo 3D)

    Also: 3D Vision WAS nice – until they changed the driver in that way that you had no longer an option to NOT enable stereo on startup of games…
    Every damn time you alt+tabbed it’d enable it – no matter if you were using it or not.
    Also, 3D vision has very horrid ghosting effects

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