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    In …\Documents\BioWare\Mass Effect\Config\ open BioEngine.ini
    Adjust the following:
    MinDesiredFrameRate=60.000000 //I found 60 to be the minimum to avoid discomfort, this also occurs in a few spots, so do a search for “framerate” without the quotes.

    Launch the game in normal mode.
    Set the Resolution to 1920×1080, look for the “double down” arrows to the right of the list.
    Enable hardware cursor under input, if you don’t you won’t have the mouse cursor or the Vorpx menu.

    I had bad issues with background flicker, and I mean bad.
    So I set the 3D Rendering to Z-Adaptive, and enabled depth of field in the Vorpx menu.

    The lighting in the game is a little strange, and there are some FOV settings in the BIOEngine.ini file that I should play with to bring in the edges of the game.

    I’m pretty happy with this though, the game is comfortably playable with these settings.


    I havn’t tried the game yet, I’m skeptical about Hud placement, is there anyway to get in hud in the oculus rifts view? I’m pretty sure the hud is important in this game.

    let me know if you can get the FOV to an acceptable level.


    I couldn’t get the FOV adjusted to bring the sides into view, and I didn’t find a way to get the HUD into view. Edge peek works but that’s a pain when trying to look at the map while driving the Mako.
    Using the vorpx zoom you can get the map and life bars in view if you don’t look directly at them.
    While the game was comfortable to play, it isn’t the best experience. I suspect that no third person game will ever hold a candle to a first person game.


    well you’ll never be able to bring in the edges, since we are cropping a widescreen image to something more like 4:3, then increasing the FOV a lot so we’d see what we normally see at the sides and more, especially at the top and bottom.

    yeah try to get some hud fix working if you can, just keep looking in the files, i managed to fix bioshock infinite and bulletstorms hud by finding things and treaking them.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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