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    I have version 21.3.3 of the Vorpx software which claims to support motion controls – and following various videos showing how to access the settings.

    My Oculus Touch settings within Vorpx when a game is launched has no options for motion controls at all. I follow the menu screens but it appears Vorpx does not support the Meta Quest 2 touch controllers past button mapping.

    I am trying to configure both Fallout 3 and Cyberpunk to include the gestures (which are included in version 21.3.3) however I have no options in my menus for configuring gestures at all.

    If required, I can make a video showing what I see on my end, following guides, etc – I do not have the same menu options.

    I followed the post here but couldn’t get the same options:

    vorpX 22.1.0 Preview: Motion Controller Gestures


    Hey, how did you get it to work after the 1.62 update? The vorpx screen will load for me in vr but as soon as I hit the start game button, the controllers don’t work. When I turn my head in vr, it doesn’t move toward that direction either so I can’t even play it without motion controllers. Help please!


    because , cyberpunk profile have settung no controller but gamepad. Press canc on keyboard or letto grip than righe grip and scroll to controller page of vorpx menu. Select oculus controller and keyboard e mouse


    By default my controllers had button-mapping to keys on my keyboard – then Vorpx uses those keys as bindings for the controller.

    However; it appears there is some gesture support for some games – just can’t get gestures to work for the Quest 2 so I figured it just wasn’t supported.

    After spending hours trying to get Vorpx to do what native VR games do; I’ve discovered that you have to just tweak the games to your own liking – but games like Fallout 3 felt clunky to me in Vorpx, same with Cyberpunk so I think I’ll just stick with native VR games.

    It is a neat piece of software, but I was expecting it to run non-VR titles like a VR game; it won’t feel as smooth – but if you take the time to tweak settings (graphics) it can look amazing just having a hard time with the lack of gesture control (I want to be able to aim my gun with my hand, not purely head-tracked – I got used to Fallout 4 VR and wanted to create a similar experience in Fallout 3).

    Sorry for coming back to this thread so late, got side-tracked with various things RL. I was really hoping a dev would reply but it’s okay

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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