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    vorpX 22.1.0 is finally nearing completion. Time for a little preview that shows its two main new features.

    The most important one: user configurable motion controller gestures. Yes, you now can do stuff like aiming down sights, steering a car and more similar to how it would work in native VR titles, just with pretty much any game. The library of available gestures will be expanded over time, very much looking forward to your suggestions. Also many official profiles will get preconfigured gesture sets soon.

    The second main feature was mainly introduced since gestures don’t really make much sense without anyone knowing how they actually work. Enter the new start and info environment that is now the first thing you see when you launch a game with vorpX. Pretty useful in general to get important infos better across, but especially important for the gesture system, which automatically creates tutorials for your gesture configs. Doh. Was actually more work overall than the gesture system itself…

    Check the video below to see how that all works. I tried to make it as easy as humanly possible, and – if I may say so – believe I wasn’t entirely unseccessful in that respect. ;) It’s really super easy to use. Even if no gestures are preconfigured for a game.


    Cool !


    The Nativ VR Scene will love that, and Vorpx will get many new user.

    The next step to beat up “the new miracle vr mod devs”, is a feature to support Alternate Frame Geometry 3D in user profiles in the shader authoring tool.

    After that we need the last step, which could be the “First Person” or “nearly First Person” Mods option in all Third Person games. (like cheatengine does it !)

    After that all competing vr mods are obsolete !!!

    I’m Team Vorpx !

    But in the future we need DX12 G3D too, and a first step could be to develop it for the unreal engine 4+5 only !

    New Profiles ???


    Looking fowar to this!


    This looks seriously great. Much enjoying the already superb motion controller as gamepad/mouse/keyboard thingy for years. Gestures on top of that sound like the icing on the cake I didn’t know I was missing until now. One question: do both the regular motion controller mapper and the gestures work at the same time or can I use only one of them?


    I’ve been out of the VR game for a couple of years. Does this main you can actually decouple your gun aim from you headtracking with Vorpx?


    Noice. Great work Ralf.


    this looks really cool, impressive work Ralf.


    @ all :

    Thanks! BTW: This basically is a generalized, extended and configurable version of the gestures present in the free standalone Cyberpunk mod. Since the release is still two or three weeks away, you can check that if you are curious: https://www.vorpx.com/cyberpunk-vr-download/. Comes with driving, aiming, grenade and melee gestures, so it provides a good overview of what to expect.

    @ luris :

    Works perfectly fine on top of the motion controller button mapping. You can even have the same action bound to a button and gesture at the same time. So you can use gestures when you feel like it, but you never have to.

    @ Tiggerdyret :

    vorpX these days can decouple head and body rotation for a few of games, namely GTA V, RDR 2 as well as in the standalone Cyberpunk mod, but that’s not related to the gesture system. In these cases I added individual mods that interact more deeply with the game engines than vorpX does normally.

    What the gesture system can and cannot do depends on the game. If i.e. a shooter has an aiming down sights mode, you simply bind the ADS gesture(s) to the according key/gamepad button. Very straight forward. However, if a game dosn’t have an aiming down sights mode, the gesture system does not add one. One could say how useful the gestures are very much depends on whether a game does or doesn’t things that lend themselves well to be controlled via gestures in a natural fashion.


    Hey Ralf, what’s going on with the auto weapon hide system that you implemented? Are more games being modified to support it?


    Not forgotten, I have to rethink a few things in that respect though. Detecting the weapon is a fairly finicky thing technically that may e.g. depend on the FOV being correct. There were a few cases were someone tinkered with FOV/resolution related settings although vorpX takes care of that in the profiles in question, essentially breaking the correct FOV and with it the weapon detection… So before I add weapon hide to more profiles I’d like to make sure that there either is a safety mechanism or at least some annoying warning message.

    Luckily for the gestures the ‚danger‘ of someone inadvertently breaking them is a lot smaller. Or at least I hope so.

    VRified Games


    You are a legend sir, I cannot wait for this release

    One “nice to have” feature for your (ever growing list)

    Some games have a kick melee

    Like dead island, bullet storm, anger-foot….

    Now, I realise this would be niche within niche within niche

    But how about gestures for those will trackers or full body be set ups?

    A way to detect when a tracker worn on an ankle moves to trigger a kick would be nice :-)


    Will this release include the new achievements of the Cyberpunk VR Mod, for example the fluid sync 66% and 75% settings ?

    And will this release have improvements in the support of the Reverb G2, which are introduced in the Cyberpunk VR Mod ?

    And will this release have new profiles ?

    Or even a new big VR Mod, which will show the Motion Controller Gestures par excellence ?


    Oh Im so glad this is being implemented Ralf, and I love how you used Titanfall 2 as the example, the very game I will be using this for – a lot!

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