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    If I launch enhanced edition after setting DirectX11 in Metro graphics menu, it use the official profile, and G3D works, but I can’t access VorpX menu (it’s the first time I encounter that).

    If I launch the old version of Metro Exodus as you suggest, I will have the menu ?
    I never use DirectVR. Don’t know exactly how it works but the first game I tried was Bioshock Infinite, and DirectVR didn’t give me good results. By adjusting resolution, FOV, ini files, etc. I managed to have native-like VR experience (I noticed no difference with Subnautica Below Zero native), but It took me a while to understand.

    But after the first game, you understand you juste have to set high 4:3 resolution, image Zoom at the border of your FOV, game FOV at very large, Clarity FX, 3D parameters if possible, HUD if possible, head tracking speed if needed, and you get a very good experience in every game that allow you to modify these parameters.

    VorpX has a mixed reputation, but it’s probably the best program i ever bought. Bioshock serie was incredible with it.

    Metro Exodus is in my opinion one the best looking game (Moscou and Volga levels), so I would like to do it with Raytracing (my first try is already impressive in 4k with ultra graphics). But I’ll try both (because it’s true that G3D can be very impressive).

    Metro let you choose FOV in ini file and HUD is minimalist so I just have the problem with resolution and Image Zoom (zoom is generaly too high for my headset in every game).


    I agree, just upgraded my PC from an rtx 2070 and 2700x CPU to rtx 4070 Ti and 7800x3d and the metro exodus with G3D and DirectVR is amazing, ultra all the way.
    I can’t get the Xbox one controller to work for opening doors/boxes it just flashes between X and E on the long press, the E short press works fine, but think this is a longstanding problem with Metro Exodus. I also need to find a way to get r mapped onto the controller as getting the gun pump accessed in a hurry via the keyboard is a pain. Also turning the map over without having to use the mouse key would be nice.

    I tried the enhanced edition (I copied the MetroExodus file in steam folder and renamed it MetroExodus1 and made a shortcut to it on the desktop) first as my son will play flat screen and loves Ray Tracing. He uses it on Minecraft which he also loves.
    The 3d effect is severely lacking in the enhanced version and the standard version knocks it out of the park.
    I loved the first 2 games in Vorpx and now my PC can handle this one I think it is my favourite game of the series.
    Thanks for all your hard work Ralf.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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