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    I managed to try to rename Metro last light in DXHRDC.exe
    Also I add r_base_fov 70 in all .cfg files
    DirectX11 works but not satisfied with the experience.
    in directx9, all the time display is black.
    the game need its own profile, similar to Metro 2033, this works well with DX9.

    Please ralph, profile could add this in the next update? is it can not promise, but at least try.

    yes,sorry my English :)


    I second that for Metro Last Light…stealth games are extremely enjoyable in VR. Metro Last Light is one of the best. Thanks Ralf.


    yeah I tried forcing DX9 mode via changing cfg files, it did not work, however DX11 works well for me, how are you not satisfied?

    you should increase the FOV to be higher.


    is because DirectX11 no exist 3D geometry.
    2d is playable, but not comparable to Metro 2033 with 3d geometry in directx9 mode.
    Metro 2033 with DX9 was better experience for me.

    even renaming .exe original LL metro DXHRDC.exe, despite 3d vorpx options menu appears, geometry 3d does not work well in DirectX11.
    we can make comparison with 2033 meter 3d geometry DX9.

    Today I am trying to run Metro Original ll DX9 and metro redux DX9 with vorpx, but for now I have no luck with either.
    I have all the versions on steam valve platform.


    yes none of the options work, including Z buffer, I would like to try the game in 3D.

    can you rename the metroLL exe to metro2033.exe or whatever the name is called? se if that works

    I would put r_base_fov 89 for FOV, that is 120 horizontal, do not put 90 or more, the FOV will reset.

    any clues on how to move the hud into view, it shows ammo count which is useful in this game, did metro 2033 work with scaleUI?


    HUD: in my case, do not change with ui scale, sometimes I use the edge peek mode for ammo count, not perfect but playable option. Original Metro 2033 has little in the hud compared to the second part (Metroll)
    metro 2033 I managed to complete 100% of the game in this way, I forgot to say that complete the game with the Xbox 360 pad for smooth turns and speed.

    FOV: very good observation, thank you for this detail.

    ralf try to communicate that the profile metro LL needs to DX9, to end the saga.but,for the moment I have no answer. hopefully it can be included in next update or simply to support the new version redux.
    My Translator is a mess :)


    Wow this game looks amazing. Its on sale for 50% on steam right now.
    So how well does Vorpx work with it?


    Wow this game looks amazing. Its on sale for 50% on steam right now.
    So how well does Vorpx work with it?

    Vorpx runs very well Metro2033, but in LL and the Redux pair the dark is not depicted black, it’s dark green, and this compromise the visual experience by far (Nvidia 580gtx, 347.52)


    VorpX does not hook to Metro Last Light for me in DX11. It looks like 2 separate monitors and there is no vorpX menu when pressing Del. I launched it directly from Steam and then created a desktop shortcut for MetroLL from vorpX tray icon, switched between “Use system settings” (Rift as primary display) and “Show on Rift DK2” (Rift as secondary display) and get the same result. I also tried all applicable steps from “basic troubleshooting” section of the forum, same result. The only time it worked was on DX9, only once and I had no Geometry 3D option, only Z-buffer, but after I exited and launched the game again I always got the black screen freeze.

    I finished Metro 2033 with no problems on DX9 and Geometry 3D so it would be a shame not to be able to continue the saga. I understand that DX9 either triggers the black screen freeze or doesn’t work in Geometry 3D but I want to play it at least in DX11 with Z-buffer. I am on Radeon GPU, latest drivers installed, Oculus runtime, Windows 8.1 64bit.

    Please help


    exact,it is.Metro Last Light, is broken in this moment.
    I also reported this problem several times,but no luck.
    I had a chance to test it in DX11 with (3d z-buffer)…but the difference is huge.3d Geometry was fantastic in these games.

    However, when you try to use dx9 the game directly produces black screen(in vorpx),therefore, it is impossible to use 3D geometry in dx9 at this time.
    Only solution for now is to use DirectX11 and 3d z-buffer, and honestly, for this … is preferable to use last light redux.

    It’s a shame, because they are two of the best titles that can be enjoyed in virtual reality with driver 3d,but Metro Last Light need a review on vorpx …

    PD:Only Metro 2033 dx9 works correctly in geometry,LL and redux nothing(only z)


    Metro Last Light Redux is now on Steam Summer Sale at -75 % price offer, so it is very attractive :) I would buy it if I was 100 % sure vorpX hooks in DX11 mode, because if it doesn’t, as it happens with Metro Last Light (original), than it’s a waste of money.

    DX11 in Z-buffer with higher 3D-strength and FOV adjustments is still pretty good, as I experienced in BF3, BF4 or Stalker Lost Alpha…of course Geometry 3D is way better, but I prefer to play it with reduced 3D immersion in DX11 if there’s no other choice. Is there something special that needs to be done in order to get vorpX to hook in DX11 mode ? Cause I tried everything…


    You can try to navigate to the following directory, depending on your version:
    C: \ Users \ “your user” \ AppData \ Local \ 4A Games \ Metro LL \ 1100001057a3590
    C: \ Users \ “your user” \ AppData \ Local \ 4A Games \ Metro Last Light \ 1100001057a3590

    Open user.cfg Locate and change the following lines:
    r_api 0 to r_api 2 (0 for DX9,1 for DX10,2 for DX11)

    Locate r_base_fov line X and X to change the Desired value.
    r_base_fov x to r_base_fov 89.99900055

    No write superior value fov,that reset the FOV.

    Apart from this,in vorpx ingame menu,adjust value zoom desired and/or aspect ratio,(my preferred pixel 1:1+zoom adjustment or letterbox1+zoom adjustment)enabled black smear,3d z normal,e.t.c.
    Good luck,Greetings.


    Thank you for the suggestions, but that is exactly how I set the user.cfg file when I switched to DX11. Despite that, when I launch the game from vorpX created desktop icon or from Steam, I see 2 separate displays each for one eye in 2D environment. Also I have no vorpX ingame menu because it doesn’t hook to DX11. I guess I’m pretty much screwed at this point.


    Well, I took my chances and bought Metro LL Redux on Steam Summer Sale and it paid off cause vorpX hooks up just fine in DX11 mode ;) So for anyone who can’t play Metro LL original in DX11…Metro LL Redux is the solution.

    And it looks surprisingly good for Z-buffer, the image quality is much better than Metro 2033, even if it lacks the immersion and depth of DX9’s Geometry 3D.

    Thank you for your input grumdark, you pushed me in the right way suggesting Redux version ;)

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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