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    Games like dishonoured 2 and hitman, and the new Deus Ex (and many others) game all seem to be lacking vorpX support. Was just wondeirng if we can expect support for these games in the future?

    Thank you


    For full support vorpX requires game specific profiles, which have to be done for each game individually, The latest addition is Skyrim Special Edition, which was added two weeks ago. New game profiles will of course be added in the future.

    You can also make profiles with basic 3d support yourself by making copies of existing game profiles in the config app and assigning new games to these copied profiles. There is no guarantee that this will work, but it’s always worth a try especially for games that are based on the same graphics engine. Also check cloud profiles, other users might already have uploaded a basic custom profile for an unknown game.

    And last but not least vorpX tries to hook into every DirectX 9-11 game, regardless of having a profile or not, so even games without a profile often can be played in unsupported (2d only) mode. Head tracking and most other VR related functions usually still are available in unsupported mode.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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