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    Hi. Apologies for the long post, but I wanted to clarify a few things and would be thankful to have the following answered:

    1) Regarding game configuration/settings files:

    a) I get the impression that for ‘Supported Games’, vorpX may automatically tweak things in the game config/settings file(s) to what it may determine to be optimal parameters. Is this correct?

    b) If yes, does it backup/restore old settings upon exit, in case one would want to revert to playing in non-VR? Or, would the expected practice be to first manually backup and later manually restore such files, if necessary?

    c) For the ‘Supported Games’, does it matter what resolution and/or aspect ratio the game is launched at? Does vorpX change these settings to what it considers appropriate in the game/engine options after the game has launched, or is this something the user would be recommended to configure to something more optimal/recommended prior to launch? (I have added the additional suggested custom resolutions in the Nvidia Control Panel.)

    d) There are sometimes settings that cannot be adjusted ‘on the fly’ and require the game to be rebooted to take effect. If vorpX ‘hooks’ into a game after it has launched, I would assume that any tweaks it may make to such settings wouldn’t take effect without a reboot. For the ‘Supported Games’, is vorpX intelligent enough to figure this out and reboot the game? Is it a good idea to manually reboot a game after a first-time vorpX ‘hooking’ to address this? Or does vorpX just not touch such settings automatically, leaving those for users to manually adjust, if necessary/wanted?

    2) Regarding the expected experience for the ‘Supported’ first-person games in Stereo 3D:

    a) When playing in non-VR, one’s head would remain stationary, with camera rotations performed by a mouse/gamepad. Is the same to be expected via vorpX, or is there some functionality to look around with one’s head/neck as well (and how then would this work with orienting translation motion)?

    b) Does/can vorpX do anything with the scale and/or positioning/height of first-person weapon models? If yes, would such adjustments be automatically done, and could they also be further tweaked by users?

    3) Regarding reinstallation and activation

    If I were to do a fresh install of Windows, and were to reinstall vorpX, would the activation process require a request code to be emailed again?


    Duh. That’s a lot of questions.

    vorpX can change settings for about 200 games, and yes, it creates backups which you can restore. They are also restored all at once when you uninstall vorpX or do a factory reset.

    The resolution a game runs with is one of the things covered by auto settings. You basically choose a preset and then vorpX figures out an according resolution and aspect ratio, which may vary based on various factors, e.g. whether you play a game in cinema or FullVr mode.

    Why does that require a game restart sometimes? vorpX usually changes the config files of games, but games only apply these changes when they read these config files, which happens on launch. Since some of these config changes (typically FOV and resolution) depend on factors vorpX can only know 100% for sure while a game is running, it’s safer to apply them from ‘inside’ the game instead of taking potentially wrong guesses.

    If no restart is required (e.g. when the FOV is adjusted in realtime by the DirectVR memory scanner instead of with an .ini change), then, yes, vorpX is intelligent enough to know that.

    Head rotation is usually bound to body rotation. There are exceptions though (e.g. GTA V, RDR 2, Cyberpunk, Arma III). These exceptions are fairly rare though.

    Weapons: There is a feature that allows you to do that, but it’s only available for a fairly small number of games currently.

    Re-authorization is required when you make significant changes to your PC, that’s not an issue though.


    Thanks so much for the helpful answers and for replying so quickly. Excited to try it out!

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