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    Hi Ralph!!

    So…someone had to ask heheh

    How well is the support for the new update on No Man’s Sky Next?


    This is what was said reguarding former NMS updates.

    But who knows, the NEXT update seems to change a lot graphically, maybe we’ll get lucky.


    to be honest, i’d just love to have the no man’s sky profile removed from vorpx, that way we could try various games profiles (even games with different engines) and see if we can get Z3D works, we never know, that could work. the fov can be tweaked in ini file. i’m no expert, Ralf knows what he’s doing, vorpx is its work and he is the one deciding what to add/remove to vorpx, still it would be great to try.

    still yesterday i played no man’s sky in VR with vorpx in 2D, it was good, but i’d love to try if i can get a profile Z3D working. but HG doesnt allow to launch renamed exe with no man’s sky that’s too bad, and official vorpx profile has 3D disabled cause doesnt support no man’s sky engine rendering.

    ideally i’d love a profile update, the engine got updated, maybe that made vorpx compatible again with no man’s sky just like before that 2.0 update months and months ago.

    and if i’m not wrong, if no man’s sky profile get removed, if we launch no man’s sky with vorpx launched, vorpx automatically creates a profile for unsupported games, so we’ll still at least 2D VR working anyway right ? we’ll just have to manually tweak the fov in ini.


    @ steph: There is no Z3D support for OpenGL and G3D doesn’t work correctly anymore with newer NMS versions due to the reasons outlined in the other thread. There really is no way at this point.

    Adding full support for newer, shader based OpenGL games is not likely to happen anytime soon. Doing so would require a lot of time which is better spent elsewhere considering the small amount of games that use OpenGL.

    FOV doesn’t have to (and should not) be tweaked manually. The FOV is calculated and set automatically by vorpX.


    It seems like every time I want to try a game out with VorpX I run into a problem whereby it’s not supported. Out of the about 20 or so games I have tried, the only exception is Rocket League. Is this lack of support due to the developer being unable to keep up with the changing dynamics of games, an inability to write the software, or are games actively changing/using rendering procedures that are extremely difficult to analyze? I really like the idea of VorpX, but it’s killing me, man… :(


    Just as a reference: vorpX is the only stereo 3D app with OpenGL support at all, not even nVidia’s stereo driver has that.

    However, OpenGL support in vorpX was never meant for anything else than older fixed function OpenGL games. There are just not enough games out there using OpenGL to justify the amount of work required for a more complete implementation like Direct 3D. It was a big surprise in the first place that the first No Man’s Sky version had working G3D.

    You can also still play the game with vorpX, nothing really speaks against that. Just the stereo 3D part isn’t working anymore with recent NMS versions, vorpX still provides head tracking and auto-adjusts the FOV for your headset.


    Is head tracking VR style any different to head tracking with say a EDTRACKER which I have that fits to the top of my headset.. what I mean, is the experience any different ?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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