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    Not sure if anyone is interested in this, so ignore if you already read enough CV1 first looks.

    I’ll keep it brief. After playing around (better: working) with the CV1 for a few days now I think Oculus made the right decisions overall.

    Most important thing in my book: yes, FOV is a bit smaller than DK2’s FOV, but you wouldn’t notice without having both side by side. My guess is they tried to find a compromise between maxed out FOV and minimized screen door effect. I think they pretty much hit the sweet spot. Obviously that’s a matter of personal preference, so your mileage may vary. For vorpX a slightly lower FOV is a good thing BTW.

    Lenses: not much I can add to the lens disussion. Clearer image overall, but the fresnel lens flare is quite obvious, especially in dark scenes. So far I’m undecided whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages for me. It’s probably something one can get accustomed to. On the other hand I had no real complaints regarding the DK2 lenses. Ask me in four weeks for a final opinion on this one.

    Head phones: didn’t use them much so far, but unless you are a hardcore audiophile you probably will be satisfied. Also they are easily removable, so whether you want to use them or not, no reason to complain here. As far as I’m concerned not having to deal with another cable outweighs any potential quality concern (which I don’t have anyway).

    Tracking: didn’t encounter any issues so far. Tracking volume seems to be a bit larger than before, which is obviously a good thing. Doesn’t matter too much in regard to vorpX though.

    Comfort: Huge step compared to DK2, provided you use the headset mainly yourself. Once adjusted it just fits perfectly.

    Overall: Not a revolution, but a very substantial evolutionary step compared to DK2. Certainly large enough that DK2 owners do have a reason to upgrade if the headset itself is all to consider.


    Interesting about small FOV being better for Vorpx, I wonder if that would make a difference in performance in Vive since FOV is bigger.

    btw Ralf, have you recieved your tracking number for Vive? Any updates on Vorpx for Vive?


    Not much of a difference performance wise, the FOV difference isn’t really big. But every bit helps, of course.

    No Vive tracking number yet, just an e-mail that the order is being processed a few days ago. Whatever that means…


    Cheers for the mini review.

    My CV1 is being delivered tomorrow. I have the latest Virtual Desktop so all I need to make my life complete is the next version of VorpX :)


    Thanks Ralf! How about the resolution, does it affect the highly demanding games with Vorpx, or is it the same? :)


    I am hoping the CV1 probably looks pretty good with VorpX on CV1.

    With my DK2 I am able to run at 2560×1440 (the resolution of my main display) and I am presuming gets downscaled to the resolution of the DK2.

    With that in mind games looked pretty good. It was only the Screen Door Effect that let the DK2 down for me.

    If the CV1 has made the SDE less noticeable then it will look pretty damn good with 1440P slightly downscaled.

    For me IF the CV1 looks ok at default resolution then it just means I can turn the res down and games will run smoother at Ultra settings with my Titan X. Once SLI gets sorted out for VR or DX12 is used I will then have 24GB of VRAm spread over my Titan X SLI setup. I may even try 4K downscaled once both cards are utilised!


    great news to hear ralf.

    what did you think of the resolution upgrade, because a lot of things looked bad in the DK2 with vorpx, looking off into the distance it was like a nintendo DS screen, very jaggy lines, not pleasant.

    was it lightweight like a feather, because that was something that annoyed me about the DK2.


    I’m also interested in this regard Ralf, are the distant objects and text clearly visible in CV1 or still a lump of indistinguishable pixels like with DK2 ? The opinions seems to differ on that matter throughout the Internet reviews, some say it’s very clear, some say not so much compared to DK2.

    I guess it depends on personal perception and what kind of games they played…I’m sure in Oculus Home demos with most of the objects rendered close to the user’s face everything looks crispy clear. But I wonder how clear is a npc firing a sniper rifle at you from 300 meters away or how visible is a distant car or space ship incoming at a mile away. You are the creator of Vorpx, and I guess you have seen a lot of games through CV1 by now, so your opinion matters ;)

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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