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    I’ve tried multiple times to get World of Warcraft to work via VorpX. While the actual version I’m paying for is working great, I don’t get older versions (Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King…) to work.

    Probably there won’t be any official support since the playerbase is too short, but maybe someone has a workaround or configs that make it possible to get it to work?

    Would be awesome to visit my favorite versions of the games via VR. :)


    Until this year, the 3D mode for VR worked just fine in Warcraft without unnecessary software, not counting the problems with shadows. Nvidia stopped supporting 3dvision and removed the drivers. I only found a working reshade – Depth3D, but there the 3D is based on a depth map.
    Vorpx cannot read the depth map, and therefore it does not display it or displays errors.
    I will try to run old drivers with 3DVISION, but if BLIZZARD also removed support, then … maybe someday they will add VR (RTX has already been added).


    Obsolete Nvidia 3D drivers are obsolete for a reason and they were never used for vorpX AFAIK. Not sure about the current vorpX version but if you can download an old cloud profile it should work unless vorpX has changed something.

    At the very least, i got to play WotLK in VR using vorpX (around 5 versions ago in a pserver) and it worked great, better than current official WoW as the way FoV works was changed by the Pandaria expansion.


    Would you be able to offer any advice or walkthroughs on what you did to get VorpX to work on WotLK?


    From what i remember i only did normal stuff. Try the cloud profiles from old vorpX versions and at least one should work (from latest to oldest), there are quite a few from versions 16.x.x all the way to current one (21.2.1), just make sure you are using DX9, which you can choose in the graphics settings (if i remember correctly) in some WoW versions.

    You’ll also need a macro for the mouse/camera and FOV if you wanna play it in FullVR mode, i have already posted’em in one of the WoW threads in here.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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