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    I was wondering if anyone was able to get VorpX to work with Overwatch. I get the error when running that says, couldn’t find compatible hardware. Playing this game on my Vive would be outta control.


    I don’t remember exactly where but Overwatch broke any kind of way for injection with a more recent patch near release, making the Rift (or any HMD) to look like a display. So no go. :(


    @Solarise: Do you happen to have any more info on this? I was really hoping to get VorpX working with Overwatch. If there is any source for this, I would like to make a support case with Blizzard and try to see what can be done about it.



    Sorry for the belated response! I was trying to look up the *exact* link but I have other places confirming:

    VorpX and Overwatch after launch
    by u/combinesd in Vive

    http://us.battle.net/forums/en/overwatch/topic/20744984324 (look for words referring to hardware checks)

    I’ll keep looking in the meanwhile.


    Blizzard would have to program it into the game tho.
    Their own version with checks and balances inside the walls.

    Because if you notice when playing a game like Fallout 4 on VorpX.
    You can move your head around on the Vive and even peek through walls.
    I assume the same goes with Oculus.
    Essentially making the HMDs into a type of wall hack for multiplayer games like CSGO, TF2, and Overwatch.

    Someone want to verify this?
    Into your own private match of course.
    Don’t get banned on a real server.

    Actually just read head tracking is only enabled in Fallout 4 at the moment.

    vorpX 16.2.0 has been released.

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