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    Rendering performance however is roughly cut in half in Geometry 3D, since everything has to be rendered twice, but not so in Z-Buffer 3D, which works almost as fast as mono rendering.

    This is from a another thread, and I wish the performance hit would be so low for me. ;) This happens basicly in every game but Im using F.e.a.r 2 as an example.

    Opening scene with normal monitor = 250-400fps
    VorpX running + Rift, no “3D” modes enabled = 60-100fps
    Vorpx running + Rift, 3D geometry mode = 10-40fps

    Needless to say, its unplayable and something is wrong since even running the vorpx drops the fps so much. Im using 290x and normal rift games run much better, some vorpx games don’t give that big of a performance hit but still too much (mirrors edge, skyrim etc)


    Mirrors edge had less drop but still too much.
    Monitor+vorpx disabled = +200fps
    VorpX+ no geometry reconstruction = +100fps
    VorpX+ geometry 3D = +35fps

    So Im allready losing nearly 50% by running vorpx and I get around 20% of original fps with geometry mode.


    This is not normal at all. I have no clear idea what may cause this in your case TBH, but both Mirrors Edge and Fear 2 should run with smooth 60fps without much problems on a semi decent machine in G3D.

    Mirrors Edge for example runs easily with 60fps here (begin of 1st level, 1920×1080, Geometry 3D, GTX 770).

    The only thing I can imagine is that you maybe have an SLI or nVidia Optimus system or something else that also hooks into the graphics pipeline additionally to vorpX, which can cause all sorts of issues. That might be something worth to check.


    Thanks, as I am using 290x so no nvidia stuff installed. Im guessing too that something is conflicting with vorpx. Time to do some troubleshooting, good thing is that is only my system and not the driver.


    Not really found a solution but atleast I found that on my system AA is a big no no when running vorpx. Haven’t done any proper benchmarking yet but even using 2xAA kills the framerate even in simpler games. Also I have tried cleaning the drivers, disabling just about everything in background without finding the poor performance with vorpX. I even tried same games with Vireio driver and that worked fine without major performance issues…

    Have you done any framerate tests with an amd card, I assume your main system runs with nvidia card?

    Trancer Spacey

    I had massive framerate-problems with Bioshock when it was forced to DX9-rendering. I found the solution was resetting the profile which I made long before in the Nvidia controlpanel. There I forced the game rendering in high anisotropic-filtering- and AA-settings, which are not originally included. This caused a massive framerate drop on my GTX660, like one frame every 30 seconds.

    Could it be possible that you made gameprofile-settings in your AMD-panel which you forgot to disable/reset?


    I don’t think that im running any profile that should affect performance, catalyst drivers run pretty much stock values and I’ve tried shutting down any unnesessacy applications, also if there was such a profile it should also affect performance when running without vorpx. But “normal” or vireio runs much better than vorpx. Mirror’s edge is barely playble when setting everything on low, but still drops under 75 when in open spaces. That is on 290x and 2600k @ 4,3ghz.


    I too am having horrible framerate when using geometry 3D in games, it’s tanking well below 50%, i’d say maybe its dropping by about 80%.

    with dishonored I was getting high frame rate at maximum graphics settings + AA. in 2D

    In 3D with all lowest settings no AA I get unplayable framerate with many stutters.


    The same on my system with:

    The vanishing of Ethan Carter
    The talos principle
    Far Cry 4

    On a i5 4670k, 8 GB Ram, nvidia 780 GTX with 6 GB VRam

    The performance hit makes using
    the driver useless.

    I mean, ok it looks great but as soon as you move you get sick and it is no fun anymore:-(

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