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    I appreciate the work done with vorpx and have had an amazing experience due to it.

    However I was wondering is there a way to:

    add in more motion controls?

    E.G crouching = c button being pressed.(or b button on Xbox controller)
    A quick solution I’ve thought of is when player is like 50% lower in height from when scan is done it’ll result in crouching/ prone

    If this is possible it could easily be added to many games..

    Is there also a way to set up the triggers of a controller with motion controls?
    K&m work fine for aiming down scope but no triggers for controller in the config but every other button??

    Also a potential reload for pistol and rifles?

    riffle = Hold both controllers to aim down sight… while aiming down sight flicking the primary controller (closet controller to chest) emulates r button on k&M or x button on Xbox controller

    Pistol = secondary controller sidle of primary
    (Like how you unload a pistol mag) emulating r button on k&M or x on Xbox controller

    Swinging motions – like sword fighting, this would be great for games like dead island or assassins creed 😩 I pray one day there be a full vr mod for assassins creed games

    2) auto fov scan, whenever the scene changes vorpx to rescan player and set fov… or at least an option for people to enable /disable it


    A lot of that is possible with the latest beta that introduces gestures. Check the video in the post linked below for a short introduction. You can also find a download link there.

    A crouch/jump feature is available since many years, you can configure that one on the head tracking page of the vorpX menu.

    vorpX 23.1.0 BETA


    I know, I’ve been using the beta and the motion controls are a really nice touch.

    I’ve been making profiles of games and adding in motion controls or config for m&k use so each game feels more native.

    However playing Mirrors edge, I turn the crouh /jump on… the jump works but not the crouching. Also if controls represent game pad some motions controls dont work as intended. But if controllers are k&m they seem to work well.

    If I can get crouching working I can then add it to most games

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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