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    vorpX 18.1.0 is only a few days away, so it’s time again for the preliminary changelog post.

    vorpX 18.1.0, available 2018/02/17


    • Completely new OpenGL G3D render path, addresses a few fundamental issues with the prior implementation
    • Improved direct mode multi-threading, 5-7% performance gain in most games
    • vorpX Desktop Viewer now working with Oculus Core 2.0
    • Fullscreen game issues on some PCs caused by Oculus Core 2.0 handled
    • Positional tracking now also enabled in immersive screen mode if available for a game.
    • Skyrim ModOrganizer integration removed. Note that MO itself still writes settings changes to the currently active profile


    • Fable Anniversary crashed on start
    • vorpX UI cursor speed was too low with high DPI mice under certain circumstances.
    • Image aspect ratio was slightly off in immersive screen mode
    • Known game overlay list wasn’t properly updated during update installs
    • Injection for some DX10/11 games was potentially broken/incomplete (post 17.2.3 regression)

    New Game Profiles:

    • Kingdom Come Deliverance: G3D/Z3D, full VR, DirectVR: FOV, resolution, tweaks
    • Titanfall 2: G3D, full VR, DirectVR: FOV, resolution, tweaks
    • Get Even: G3D/Z3D, full VR, DirectVR: FOV, resolution, tracking, tweaks
    • Tron 2.0: Geometry 3D, full VR, DirectVR: resolution, FOV, tweaks
    • Fe: G3D/Z3D, immersive screen mode
    • Nier Automata: G3D/Z3D, immersive screen mode
    • Bayonetta: G3D/Z3D, immersive screen mode
    • Vanquish: Geometry 3D, immersive screen mode
    • Unravel: G3D/Z3D, cinema mode
    • The Walking Dead Season 2: Geometry 3D, cinema mode
    • Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series: Geometry 3D, cinema mode
    • Minecraft: Story Mode Season 1: Geometry 3D, cinema mode

    Game Profile Changes/Fixes:

    • Titanfall: Geometry 3D, HUD scaling added
    • Thief [2014]: Geometry 3D, HUD scaling added
    • The Walking Dead Season 1: Geometry 3D added
    • The Wolf Among Us: Geometry 3D added
    • Splinter Cell 3: Geometry 3D added, Direct VR: resolution, FOV, tweaks
    • Venetica: Geometry 3D added, Direct VR: resolution, FOV, tweaks
    • Flatout: Geometry 3D added
    • Flatout 2: Geometry 3D added
    • Fable Anniversary: DirectVR: resolution, tweaks
    • The Vanishing of Ethan Carther: DirectVR: tracking added
    • Deadfall Adventures: DirectVR: tracking added
    • Mass Effect Andromeda: fixed no stereo 3D in some indoor levels
    • Elder Scrolls: Oblivion: fixed sporadic caps lock issue during FOV adjust
    • X3: fixed wrong background depth, new default: immersive screen mode
    • NfS: Most Wanded [2005]: Geometry 3D fixed, HUD scaling added
    • Assassin’s Creed II: Geometry 3D fixed, HUD scaling added

    OMG OMG OMG, Tron 2.0 with Geometry 3D and DirectVR!!! You are DA MAN!!! Now I just have to find a way to teleport myself three days into the future, can’t wait ;-)


    No Direct VR head tracking though, head tracking is mouse based, at least for now. FOV and resolution are handled by Direct VR though, so it’s almost ‘plug and play’.


    Uhm, will this make rift 2.0 work with vorpx? The only way I seem to be able to get it work is by going back to the old, classic rift interface (which will be phased out eventually). I downloaded the vorpx desktop viewer that you have in a stickied thread, but that did not work.

    I tried opening haloce.exe, but I just got what looked like a generic, undecorated app window with the word loading at the bottom of it. Also the frame rate got extremely bad and everything was very choppy. I only got it to work when I rolled back the rift home, but that option won’t be available forever.


    On most machines Oculus 2.0 works just fine already. However, Oculus 2.0 messes with the Windows monitor configuration by adding an additional (software) monitor for its desktop feature while Oculus Home 2.0 is running. On some systems that can lead to fullscreen games failing to launch. With or without vorpX running BTW.

    There is a fix for that in this vorpX release, until then you can simply enable the classic home environment instead of the new one if you encounter this issue on your PC.


    Dying Light, Assassins Creed Origins. Mafia 2,, thats what i am waiting for….


    Dying Light enhanced edition already has 3D/VR:

    There is a thread on here somewhere from someone currently playing Origins with Z3D …

    Ralf–great news about Kingdom Come! Super excited to play it with VorpX.


    Very nice to see youre carrying on with this software !


    Nice seeing a new release so soon, interesting game choices and sweet sweet Geometry 3D! Bravo and good luck making what else you’re working on make the cut!


    Would love to see Geometry 3D back in Elder Scrolls Online, if that’s ever up for another look…


    HI i know but zbuffer is not 3D. G3D is totally different thats what i am asking for since two years.


    @ morbidexpression: TESO has been looked into not too long ago before the December update. Doesn’t look good for D3D11 G3D in this case, you should consider it Z3D only due to the removed D3D9 support.


    “5-7% improvement in most direct mode games”
    I’ll take any improvements with open arms, my 1070 just isn’t powerful enough for newer games and geometry mode.

    Unexpected release but faster updates are great!


    Great Update and Thanks,


    Took a closer look at this update and I’m not just psyched for KCD but also the Thief remake in G3D, Nier, etc.

    Any chance we could eventually get a Titanfall 2 profile? Very playable with unofficial Tridef profile but I miss that Vorpx magic …

    Regardless, I really hope the VR community will come to realize the huge strides Vorpx has made/is making with these last few updates. There was a time where I couldn’t unreservedly recommend the software to someone–especially if they weren’t into tinkering. Now not only would I recommend it–I think EVERYONE who is into 3D/VR gaming should buy it. Great work, Ralf.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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