Preliminary changelog for vorpX 18.1.0 (available 2018/02/17)

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    Took a closer look at this update and I’m not just psyched for KCD but also the Thief remake in G3D, Nier, etc.

    Any chance we could eventually get a Titanfall 2 profile? Very playable with unofficial Tridef profile but I miss that Vorpx magic …

    Regardless, I really hope the VR community will come to realize the huge strides Vorpx has made/is making with these last few updates. There was a time where I couldn’t unreservedly recommend the software to someone–especially if they weren’t into tinkering. Now not only would I recommend it–I think EVERYONE who is into 3D/VR gaming should buy it. Great work, Ralf.

    Titanfall 2 was one of the if-time-permits-profiles I had in mind in the original post. Good news: it will be included and works just as well as Titanfall 1. Geometry 3D, auto resolution/FOV, scalable HUD etc.


    Release tonight ? (CET)

    Waiting for KCD Profile !




    “Skyrim ModOrganizer integration removed. Note that MO itself still writes settings changes to the currently active profile”

    Why has this improvement been removed?…I just feel this phrase like a kick with this update. I had planned to make quite a lot of use of mod organizer very soon, now that I finally had integration with Vorpx

    TESO impossible, integration MOd Organizer retired…clearly these news are not good for me.

    Congratulations to the beneficiaries of this update, unfortunately I am not one of them at all.


    No need to worry re ModOrganizer, you can still use it. The only thing that is different now is that inactive profiles aren’t touched by the DirectVR settings optimizer anymore.

    Also you apparently overlooked Kingdom Come Deliverance, which you explitely mentioned in the wishlist thread just a few ago.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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