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    So, I usually try a bunch of settings to get things to run well, and sometimes I make bad decisions (don’t we all, lol). In the process, however, I learn what works. Recently there was a discussion on how to fix judder. Ralf gave the following advice:

    Judder: please check whether you have made any changes to the sync options on the display page of the ingame menu. If so, revert them. Changing “Direct Mode GPU Sync” to anything else than “Safe” for example almost certainly causes judder in more demanding games. Same for turning off “Direct Mode Async Render” if the framerate falls below 45fps.

    Good advice, but it wasn’t solving the judder issue I was experiencing. In my practice, I had disabled vsync (I thought it would boost FPS, which technically it should), but it caused major issues, especially between the HMD screens. Thus judder. Am I right in assuming we should always keep vsync enabled?
    Also, keeping FPS as high as possible helps reduce judder. I was tooling around with a unity engine and in-game settings last night and noticed (I’m guessing obvious) correlation between judder and drops in FPS.

    Anyway, to reduce judder:
    Direct Mode GPU Sync set to Safe
    Vsync set to on
    FPS high as possible (above 60fps at minimum)

    My only question is, in the above quote, “Same for turning off “Direct Mode Async Render” if the framerate falls below 45fps.” does this mean that turning it off if low FPS would help remove judder? Thanks!


    Turning off async rendering causes judder below 45fps. Do not turn it off unless you can reach 45 safely. Personally I would recommend to leave it on unless you can reach 90. IIRC there even is message in in the menu stating that when you turn it off. Don’t ignore warnings like this one whenever you see them in the menu.

    It’s usually best to not touch any of the sync settings at all.


    Great, thanks for the insight! Always looking for the best way.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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