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    I’ve pre-ordered an HP Reverb G2 as soon as the pre-orders went live. I’m quite fed up with the low resolution of the Rift S by now. []-)

    Ralf, do you think it will be compatible with VorpX out of the box (WMR), or will it need an update for the controllers?


    I only use my HP Reverb G1 with VorpX and it works fine so I’m sure G2 will work also.


    WMR headsets work typically fine, with two caveats:

    1. Vive/Index/Oculus behave better than WMR at very low framerates below half the headset refresh rate. That’s something you should ideally avoid anyway though, so not too much of a deal.

    2. Vive/Index/Oculus behave better than WMR in regard to uneven framerate interpolation, so per default FluidSync is enabled for WMR headsets. Whether an uneven framerate interpolataion (e.g. 70>90) works or not you’ll have to check from case to case. More often than not FluidSync (45>90) will probably be the better choice for WMR.

    That’s the current state of affairs, whether the above will still be true for the G2 I can’t tell as Microsoft is obviously working on their runtime/drivers. So with some luck the above things might improve with their second gen.


    Just saw your question regarding controllers: not sure, but apparently their layout largely resembles Oculus Touch now. Since vorpX has a dedicated SteamVR setup for Touch with some luck that will work until I add something for WMR gen 2 controllers specificallly.


    Great infos, Ralf, thank you!

    Looks like the WMR HMDs would have an advantage because they can run in 60Hz mode.

    Oh, and i didn’t know that uneven frame-interpolation was even possible. Always thought that FPS<80=instant_half_frame_rate, in this case for Rift S.


    This is primarily a question aimed at Ralph.
    Ralph, I just got my HP Reverb G2 and it’s working great with VorpX.
    Cyberpunk 2077 looks FANTASTIC!
    However one of my favorite titles: Red Dead Redemption 2 is hooking, but it’s not displaying in 3D on either of the Z 3D settings. Would you have any thoughts on trouble shooting this particular title? I know it’s hard without your hands on the hardware.
    I’ve played 60+ hours on the Valve Index with no problems, so I’m pretty sure it’s isolated to Windows new MWR drivers.
    I’m at your service if there’s anything I can do to help support your product. If you would like to remote into my gaming rig, be my guest.


    Nevermind on the above post. I went back to try RDR2 on my Valve and it’s not working in 3D now either. Something must have gotten borked when I was transitioning over to my G2. I’ll trouble shoot back to it’s initial state.


    Just though I would follow up here. A factory reset in the VorpX configuration settings did the trick.
    Not only is Red Dead 2 working in my HP Reverb G2, it looks incredible!
    This is what I’ve been waiting for for a very long time!
    Lucky enough to be rocking a 3090. (It pays to be a working adult)
    For any other Reverbers out there. To get the most out of your Reverb be sure to go into the settings in WMR app and bump up the display resolution from 720 to 1080i.


    How are pancake games looking in cinema modes, virtual desktop, perceived resolution, etc. with the G2?


    Woah how do you enable fluidsync for something other than 45/90? (Reverb G2 here, works great btw). Are you saying I can try 60/90, 75/90 etc???


    For anyone pondering whether a Reverb G2 is a good choice for vorpX gaming: the answer is yes with a little caveat. Finally got one today and have to say I’m impressed for the most part. Note that I only look at the headset from a vorpX perspective.

    The caveat is that WMR headsets still make it harder for vorpX to keep the headset thread framerate stable when the GPU becomes maxed out, so in some games/situations they are a bit more prone to judder than e.g. a Valve Index. I’ll soon do some OpenXR experiments, hoping that OpenXR instead of SteamVR for WMR headsets will get rid of that, but as always can’t promise anything.


    Overall great image quality with solid black levels and (almost) non-existent screendoor effect. The vertical FOV is similar to Oculus headsets, i.e. about 10° narrower than Index/Vive. Due to the 1:1 screen aspect ratio the horizontal FOV is largely comparable to Index/Vive with their 8:9 screens though, although that’s a bit difficult to say exactly since the stereo overlap may be different. Perfect FOV vs. pixel density choice in my opinion. Your mileage may vary if a slightly higher FOV is more important to you than the best possible image sharpness.

    Modern games typically will have to be upscaled from lower resolutions for performance reasons, at least when using G3D, but the high pixel density makes that look considerably better than on other headsets.


    I’ve read some complaints about a rather small sweet spot, but at least for me that’s not really an issue. Once the headset sits right the fully crisp area doesn’t seem to be smaller than in other headsets to me. Things get sightly more blurry towards the screen edges, but that’s the case with all headsets and I don’t think its any worse here compared to other current headsets. Way better than the gen 1 WMR headset I have.


    More than good enough for vorpX gaming. Supposedly in some situations Valve’s base station tracking can still be slightly superior (e.g. bow aiming or grabbing behind you), but typically you won’t encounter situations like that with vorpX. So nothing to complain about in the tracking department.


    Pretty much Oculus Touch controllers with a slightly cheaper feel. Not as refined as Index controllers, but they provide enough buttons to work well with vorpX. The Index finger tracking (so far) is largely a gimmick and of no concern for vorpX anyway. Nothing serious to complain about here either.


    Spectacular. Same as Valve Index. Best you can get in a consumer headset.


    Overall the Reverb G2 is a good choice for vorpX gaming. Whether it can dethrone Index in regard to being the best headset for vorpX is a matter of preferences. Without the WMR caveat mentioned above it would for me, especially when factoring in the more affordable price point of the Reverb. The way things stand I’d consider them largely on par as far as vorpX is concerned.


    I’ll soon do some OpenXR experiments, hoping that OpenXR instead of SteamVR for WMR headsets will get rid of that, but as always can’t promise anything.

    Good to hear about possible improvements on that front. I´ve been enjoying bunch of older games with newly acquired G2 and indeed it is a good fit with vorpx. The bad parts of G2 won´t matter that much when you don´t have to deal with the bad tracking of the controllers, or overall lesser hand controllers.

    Black levels aren´t that great (compared to cv1 oled) but maybe that is the price to pay for high resolution and the lack of screen door effect.


    I got mine end of December and have been using it almost exclusively with vorpX, for a little over 100 hours. Primarily because I had all Rifts including DK1/2 and played most VR native games. But also because the experience in cinema/immersive is better than on my monitor for many games.


    Just a headsup if you upgrade from another headset – I had the Quest 1 first, then got the G2. I was getting terrible results in Vorpx. In RDD2 for example an fps of around 5, on a I9 2080 Super. Factory resetting Vorpx didn’t help.
    After uninstalling and reinstalling Vorpx – Everything was perfect immediately. RDD2 looks stunning with the G2 :)


    I just tried WRC9 which run also terrible before I reinstalled Vorpx, now it runs great in Immersive mode :D Bit confused about the Fluidsync: setting it on gives me 45fps in the game and 90fps in the headset, setting it off 90fps in the game/ 45fps in the headset.
    I don’t quite understand the difference.. which one of these is technically the best? Shouldn’t I get 90fps in the game and 90fps in the headset when I set the gfx to low?
    (any direction to a guide where these functions are explained would also be very welcome :)

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