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    Decided to try out RDR2 with vorpx the past couple of days & it is amazing.

    Once i got my graphics settings sorted so it looked good & performed well it has become my favourite VR experience, in the flat version i was never really interested in hunting unless i needed to for a specific item i wanted or going into the small tent/theatre thing in Valentine or browsing shelves in shops etc but in VR it is incredibly immersive, i end up spending ages just looking at all the little details.

    I spent a few hours last night stalking animals through the woods & then got mauled by a bear, that big bear that you hunt with Hosea is an absolute monster in VR, skinning animals in VR is cool/gross, horses look amazing, i never really cared too much about what horse i had in the flat version but i think i want to collect them all now in VR as they all look so cool.

    Anyway just wanted to say thanks as Vorpx has made this very good game into an absolutely amazing experience in VR, cheers.


    Meant to ask in the previous post but forgot, does anybody know how to record gameplay while using vorpx, i tried OBS & AMD’s own recording software but it only records sound with no picture, tried different capture methods with OBS but none worked.


    are you trying to record a fullscreen game?

    With obs you can try to set game to borderless or you might have issue with tiny setting inside capture module properties (especially on w10) called capture method – if its automatic or BitBlt (w7) it will not show picture.

    Additionally you can start steamvr/oculus mirror, set OBS to capture that and then run the game, even fullscreen obs will take recording data straight out of mirror window, so it wont matter what is shown on a monitor.


    Yeah fullscreen, has to be fullscreen or the game looks too blurry.

    Already tried OBS to capture Oculus mirror but it did not record the picture only the sound.

    Thanks for the suggestions.


    Never played RDR2 so this has me hyped to play it with Vorpx, thanks for sharing.


    You are very welcome, I recently done the mission where Arthur & Lenny get drunk at the saloon in Valentine, it is very cool & trippy in VR with the room going all bendy & warped as you get drunk, i walked in on Lenny getting it on with female Lenny, escaped the law & am now taking a slow walk back to Valentine where my horse Midknight is.

    In the flat version of the game i would have just run there as fast as possible but in VR it is so immersive that sometimes i just can’t help but take a slow walk through the world.

    The next part of this post contained inside the —‘s is my attempt to describe how even a simple slow walk to Valentine is in VR to try to help people get a sense of what it is like:

    I’m walking down a dirt road surrounded by forest, birds crowing in my right ear, chirping in my left, the buzz of some flying insect buzzing around my head, crunching footsteps, a steam train chugging along somewhere in the distance & the low music track playing behind it all,

    a couple of buffalo & deer running over the hills up ahead, horses coming down the road, guy being taken to jail in a caged wagon by two lawmen, “stay back from the wagon sir, we’re transporting a fugitive” one of them says as they ride on by, i let them be as i’m enjoying my walk,

    i notice the bright coloured plants scattered here & there, reds, purples, yellows, whites, i hear a weird moaning sound to my right, i turn & see an American bison up the hill a bit, i get out the binoculars for a better view, lots of muscle on that (animals are much bigger in VR, sense of scale is great), guy rides right in front of my view & says something about me not being right in the head, i give him a polite greeting & compliment him on his nice looking horse, he goes on his way, i continue walking,

    i scare a bird out of the long grass just to my left which makes me jump as it takes flight, no music now just the buzzing of insects, the chirping of birds & the crunching of footsteps, i see smoke to the right in the distance, not going there, spot a group of 5 deer having a munch not too far away, 1 of the deer looks me right in the binoculars as i am looking at them with eyes that seem to say ‘what you looking at?’, i continue on-wards,
    two guys on horses, one pulls out a rifle & says something as they go by, i resist the urge to shoot him in the face & continue, i come to a crossroad with a wooden sign, i follow the arrow pointing to Valentine, i see a lonely dead looking tree a little past the crossroad, spooky looking,

    i spot a berry bush, what could they be, red raspberry, yummy, pick a couple of nearby yarrow too then continue, train track just to the left of the road, rocky hills in the distance, open grassland with some rocky hills to the right, couple of deer watching me for any sign that i’m a threat, they turn & slowly amble away, snowy covered mountains coming into view, path splits with a wooden sign pointing toward Valentine, i obey the sign,

    path crosses over the train tracks, man rides by moaning about something, wagon rides by, two guys out front & two guys inside, a beautiful white & a black horse doing the work of pulling them, more traffic now, getting closer to Valentine,

    spot a crow on a rock, use binoculars for a good view, cool colour, mix of black & blue, flies off, path crosses back over the tracks, can clearly see Valentine now, hear an owl, check my platinum pocket watch, 16:05, guy on horse says”a whole lotta ugly business here” as he rides past some blood & human body parts,

    the blood trail leads down a little slope past a tree to where there is part of a human corpse suspended from beneath the rail bridge, writing on the rocks near the corpse reads “Look on my works”, there is a human head stuck to a wooden pillar of the rail bridge by knife with something in its mouth, i take it out, the head falls to the ground, part of a map, i go back up the slope & continue toward Valentine,

    i cross the tracks into Valentine, i can hear a telephone ringing coming from inside the train station, can almost smell the sheep, 2 guys having a smoke say hello as i walk by,
    guy leaning against a post says “that queasy feeling you been having is cause there is so many O’Driscols about”, think i’m gonna punch this guy, “i’ve only gotta click my fingers & this town will string you up & call it justice” he says, he walks towards me saying “you want me to set you straight”, he pushes me, i say “look at you, a coward trying to play it tough,” “make yourself scarce” he says, i punch him in the face, knock him down, he gets up “damn it to hell” he whinges as he pushes me again, we trade several blows, i see his face getting bloodier up as i connect with punch after punch, i knock him down, he gets up, he knocks me down, i get up, we continue beating on each other, i land a left hook that knocks him out cold,

    getting darker now, i check the time, 20:35, sound of a steam train whistle blowing, a couple of horses hitched & people standing, sitting, walking, chatting as i walk by houses that are lit up with flickering light from their various sources, Keane’s saloon door is open, tempting me to go in for a drink but no! i must be reunited with my Midknight (word of warning, you can become attached to your horse in VR, they are just so fn cool looking),
    i turn onto the main street, the newspaper boy still trying to sell his paper at this time, the sheriff standing having a smoke in front of his office, i look further down the road & there she is, my Midknight, i sprint towards her as people come out of the saloon & others try to enter which ends up making one poor fella fall down the stairs & get covered in mud, “damn” he says as he gets up, a drunk guy gets on his horse as he says the place is full of cheats which his mate on another horse agrees with as they ride away, i watch the guy who fell down the stairs walk away & round the corner at the end of the street, walking as if he had defecated in his drawers,

    i turn around, & look at my magnificent Midknight, about 2-3 heads higher than me, big beautiful beast, i pat her then go into the saloon for a drink to celebrate, lots of people in here, piano music playing a nice happy fast tune, barman talks about some lowlifes & about someone being pushed, maybe the guy that fell down the stairs, i order a beer & have a swig while looking at the pictures behind the bar,

    i finish my beer then head outside & jump on Midknight & hitch her just over the road at the hotel as i need a bath & a room for some sleep, guy behind the desk remembers me from when i saved Karen, doesn’t want trouble, i pay for a bath, walking down the hall to the bath i hear some guy moaning, must be that guy who i walked in on sitting on the toilet when i was here before, poor guys pipes must be clogged,

    got some help with my bath from a nice woman, told her i used to share baths with my dog copper, feeling nice & clean, i pay for a room, next door to the guy with the clogged pipes, & i get some sleep.

    I’m not a great story teller by any stretch of the imagination but i hope i have managed to give a sense of just how immersive even something as simple as a slow walk back to Valentine can be in VR.

    Info about what i’m using to play it: AMD Ryzen 3600 & RX 5700 XT using Oculus Rift S, my graphics settings i put to the highest resolution i can go to which is 1920 x 1080 & put the resolution scale as high as i could go without losing too much fps, TAA on high & TAA sharpness really high on the slide bar, for other settings i just put the main setting on ultra then lowered them one by one till i found my optimal performance + graphics.


    do you use G3D Or Z-NORMAL ?


    Neither, DirectVR mode.


    Zel1984 Can you make a screenshot of your settings, please? I’m on the same spec 10700 6600XT Quest2. It seems for me unplayable on 50fps and lower, feels like 25 fps.

    btw if some1 trying to find custom resolutions try to switch to Vulcan then to Dx12


    My graphic settings (took screenshots with Vorpx turned off, with it on the video memory used goes up to roughly 6000MB):


    My Vorpx settings (i tweaked a few things for my own personal taste):

    Main settings – Play style=Full VR Mode, 3D Rec=DirectVR, Head Tracking=0.82, Direct Mode FluidSync=On.
    Image Settings – Clarity=Full, Sharpen Amount=2.0, Texture Detail=1.0, Gamma=0.80, Saturation=0.90, Game HUD scale=0.35, Hud Horizontal=1.00, Aspect Ratio=Letterbox 1, Image Zoom=1.035

    All other Vorpx setting i left alone.

    I also use Oculus tray tool with the options for Default Super Sampling set to 2.5 & Default ASW Mode set at 45 Hz forced, other options on default.

    Hope that helps.


    Thank you that helps a lot


    I have just received a headless ghost display emulator so my settings have changed, i now use resolution 2560×1600 with resolution scale back to default & Vorpx setting changes to Image Settings: Sharpen Amount=1.0, Aspect Ratio=1:1 & Image Zoom=1,00.

    Loving this game in VR, when playing in VR you get to know your gang more intimately, for instance i now know that Charles is a farter, sitting on the chair at the camp fire, Charles & Javier are siting on the log opposite, while Lenny is sitting to my right, all munching some of Pearson’s stew, Charles puts down his bowl now & again, he likes to lift one bum cheek so he can squeeze out a fart, sometimes he wafts it away with his hand, Sean just joined, asks Charles to tell him a joke, Charles says “Bill” lol.


    Thanks for the tips. I’ve been eying RDR2 for quite some time now, as it’s a title I’m sure I’ll enjoy.

    I’ve glanced through the thread, but I’m not seeing your system specs? I have to push a ton of pixels to get the clarity I need (unfortunately for me I’m super-sensitive to blurry images. Show me a screen that isn’t sharp and unbidden by conscious thought my brain/eyes will continually attempt to bring it into focus, causing immense eye-strain. It’s bad enough that I can tell immediately if I walk into a theater that still uses the old 2K digital projectors, for example, as those look continually out-of-focus to me.)

    I’ve found that through vorpX I have to push 2560×1440 as an absolute minimum (to my Pimax), with a full 4K being far preferred. I’m curious what GPU you are using in particular.



    After some more messing about with the graphics settings i have decided to settle for custom resolution of: 1280×1440 & a Resolution Scale of: 7/4 [x1.750], this looks to be my sweetspot for performance & graphics.

    My GPU is AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT, CPU is AMD Ryzen 5 3600.


    Even with 70fps, my image shakes so much that it looks like 15fps like an earthquake when i move the camera it’s unplayable :(

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