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    Hi, ive seen vorpx cloud profiles in the list and wondered about reasons to use vorpx in subnautica as the game has VR support by itself.

    Is there any benefit of using vorpx over the games own VR support? Just wondering, because i own subnautica but didn’t played it for long time already. Was not realy happy with VR visual quality and performance too.


    I can generally get better visuals with games using VorpX, as I play a lot in Cinema/Immersive modes and I don’t need 80-90fps, I can get away with 30-40 and crank up the visuals if thats what I’m after.
    Eg. I’d rather play skyrim/fallout4 in VorpX as I can do this with all the mods, etc.

    But subnautica I’d rather just use VR.


    maybe to play sub-zero, the add on ! :)


    na, for subzero there are separate profiles. Subzero is also not an addon, its on its own, basically subnautica 2.


    Official VR support was dropped for Subnautica long before release.
    They should really unlist from VR categories on steam as many UI elements are very broken in current state.

    If I recall correctly the Cyclops (in game vehicle) in particular is very broken in VR.

    Side note: I played through about 30 hours of Below Zero with VORPX and loved it.


    There are mods to fix the VR in Subnautica (including cyclops) and add VR to SubZero.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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