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    Having found the information on the forums for setting up Battlefield 4(which was very helpful), new layers of issue are now in question.

    How can the in-game view reset function(shift+space) be rebound to a less used key such as one of the numpad keys.

    Running in-game(shift key) and approaching an obstacle(wall, debris, ect.) requires a player to press the jump key(space), which resets the view, often changing movement direction entirely.

    The rebinding of the screen peek function(middle mouse button) to a less used key would also be an appreciated option but is far less pressing or relevant to any game breaking issues.


    Any help would be appreciated as I don’t see a way of playing battlefield 4 with the space+shift combo resetting the view on every running jump.


    yeah we really need a way to rebind this, middle mouse button is a really useful button to use in games, I would suggest making the edge peek button caps lock, significantly beter than the middle mouse button, but please let us rebind it to something else.

    Oy of Mid-World

    I found out that swapping buttons via the freeware AutoHotkey is very easy. So far it has been working in all games I tried. Due to the nature of AutoHotkey however, this is not guaranteed for all games. So it would be wise to add the functionality to VorpX quickly.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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