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    as RE7 is going to be released tomorrow, and its exclusively for 1 year (!!) only on PlaystationVR, do you have any plans on getting it support by VorpX?? :)

    That would be amazing!!



    maybe there is a way to change the fov inside the game, by tweaking the ini.

    maybe there is a vorpx game profile compatible with this game even if re7 uses a new engine.

    if someone finds a working vorpx profile with 3D geometry for re7 please let us know, thank you !


    Ya i tried the demo with vorpx and the head look wasnt working it did that staionary screen invert x axis thing. tried inverting controls no difference. so mad about this non native support right now, ive played every resi spin off and bought consoles specifically for them but when xbox was announced i said no more consoles and went full time pc. went throguh 3 xbox slims, 2 ps3 slims and a ps3 super slim. at thats point i spent as much on a gaming rig and with no free online. PLease give us resi.


    i tried many profiles, game launch when selecting a few of those profile, and even tho those profiles have 3D geometry support or even Z3D, neither of those rendering methods seem to work with re7.

    image is flat.

    plus the fov is limited at 90°, we cant go higher.

    it’s a no go guys.

    at least i got headtracking working somehow by setting heatracking as gamepad set to relative.

    but 90° fov + flat image = fail.

    i’m so disappointed.


    Yea, same boat. Im very new to VorpX, but couldn’t get good results. Same issues as steph12 describes. flat image, fov 90, headtracking with relative gamepad. Also the headtracking has issues with vertical movement stuttering. Would LOVE to see support for this asap as the visuals are gorgeous and its proving to be a premiere VR title


    stuttering with headtracking only happens if you open vorpx once in a game.
    do your settings inside the game, once you done, save vorpx settings then restart the game, stuttering is no more once you restart it, but once you open vorpx inside the game, stuttering comes again.


    i dont wanna buy a psVR just for this game….

    i dont understand why rendering methods dont work for this game, usually even with unsupported games (like deus ex mankind divdided), geometry or Z3D work if you find a launchable profile.


    I found a way to get it working with VorpX and Vive. Works with Oculus too. It’s not perfect, but hopefully somebody can come up with something to get it working spot on. It’s pretty damn immersive the way it is already, just use keyboard and mouse.

    Video here:

    My Experience:
    Okay so, my experience so far with the Vive: It’s very decent, I’ve just come up to a section with something scary (no spoilers here) and I definitely feel immersed in the game. I’m okay with just using mouse/keyboard, I wouldn’t use my head to turn as it’s slightly delayed, maybe a workaround will come out for that soon. One problem I do find annoying though, the FOV. If you zoom out with VorpX using your middle mouse button, you’ll see how much of the screen you’re actually losing, which is a significant amount. If we could get the head tracking on point and the FOV set right, we wouldn’t need to wait a year for it to be released for Vive and Oculus, it would be official.

    That’s my opinion anyway.


    I’ll add my request here too. This would be an AMAZING title to have with VorpX. I would probably play cinema mode G3D.


    I’m super hopeful for a profile. I’m a huge resident evil fan and would like to not have to wait a year to play this one after the reviews it’s getting.


    Im fully aware of the no comments policy in regard to new profiles, but I still wanted to add me to the list of those who really like to see this if possible. :)


    Also adding my request here
    Haven’t played much because I’m still hoping a mod comes out in the next days


    Im fully aware of the no comments policy in regard to new profiles, but I still wanted to add me to the list of those who really like to see this if possible. 🙂

    Is there honestly a no comments policy in regards to new profiles? I haven’t checked yet, but I think that would be incredibly ridiculous, granted we payed $40 for SOFTWARE, yet can’t even make a request on profiles for games we want?

    If this is true this product no longer deserves to be sold.


    And another fan-would-like-to-see-this-happen expressing his feelings.

    Can’t vorpx somehow use the VR settings for psvr? I’m guessing some part of VR support must already be in the sourcecode.


    Another long time, early Vorpx adopter here.

    Can we get some details around this?

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