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    As mentioned here, i decided to fix games on request only in the future. Therefore i have added a game requester to my website.

    I own most retail games from before around 2011 and a large number of steam games from before 2019 which i can possibly fix for Vorpx.

    The requester works as followed:

    – Example: Your game is Called “Far Cry: Primal”
    – If you are not shure of the spelling, enter “Far Cry”
    – This will list any Far Cry Game that i can fix at the moment
    – Make shure your game hasnt been fixed already (inoff.VorpX game list)
    – After you find the proper game name, enter it into the form and make your request.
    – On the same page you can do a research on current requests as well as games fixing status and other informations

    If you do NOT find your game you have the option to send a vaild, unused Steam-Key to the Email Adress below the form.(I suggest contacting me via email before sending any keys).

    Please note, i am not a member of the VorpX staff and i do not get payed for this neither. Fixing a game can fail for many reasons, for example see this list. Keys can not be returned or refunded. Windows10 only games cant be fixed at the moment. (oct 2019).


    Update: feb 2020

    The Website above has been temporarily disabled, you can still get in touch through the email adress shown below.


    My website is now equipped with a proper login, you can request a password by simply emailing me.


    Engine Crosschecker and game requester have been redone and can be accessed by public again.


    Nice! Thanks man.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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