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    I’ve uploaded a profile for Satisfactory.
    This one is done for playing in cinema mode, i’m working on an other one for full vr mode that will come soon.
    Attention : change Graphic API to DirectX11 or the profile will not hook.
    my ingame settings
    resolution 2240 X 1680
    Direct X 11
    All ultra excepted :
    Light quality on Medium
    FOV 102 (i have a reverb G2)

    If you appriciate this profile don’t forget to Endorse it.

    Best regards.


    I’ve uploaded the full VR profile.
    This profile has been thinked to play the game in full FR but you can play it in immersive / cinema screen mode.
    My in game settings:
    Resolution : 2240 X 1680
    Must be set on fullscreen (or the profile can’t hook)
    Must be set on directX 11 (or the profile can’t hook)
    All on hight except light quality on medium
    View distance : far
    FOV 100
    All disabled
    First person FOV modifier 1
    Mouse sensivity 2.5

    You can play it with a pad or the controllers but as there lots of interface-type interactions, mouse and keyboard use could be suitable.

    Best regards


    Just tried your profile. Not working. Game is crashing on startup when it tries to hook. No any error message. I have switched to DX11 fullscreen mode.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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