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    example Link, Death Stranding 3D Half SBS

    This is the unsuccessful result recording both VR-Eyes through OBS

    Simply put, I want what can be done through activating Generic 3D Display in VorpX, but while using it with my quest 2, so I can play normal and record in 3D, without the recording being compromised by my viewing settings.

    I tried recording through OBS the left and right eye while using the Full VR mode, and cropping the picture in OBS. While this technically works, the eyes are out of sync -> unusable as soon as you move.

    The data should be there anyway, it’s just that we only get one native screen as a display mirror.

    Also would it be possible, to somehow record it native? So that I could technically record f.E. Full SBS 4k, while using a FHD screen.


    The only way to record both eyes is recording the Oculus mirror window with lens distortion applied, undistorted SBS output is indeed only available in ‘Generic 3D Display’ mode.

    You can enable the mirror window from the vorpX menu (requires expert settings to be enabled in the config app). IIRC the Oculus app also lets you enable it.


    If you are able to use steamVR there is a way to record SBS movies with the SteamVR Headsetmonitor in OBS

    Recording VorpX

    havent done this for a while though.


    All the solutions through recording the “VR-View” deliver faulty SBS.

    I tested them throughly and made a reader article about it with some example GIFs why the solutions don’t work (it’s in german, but the OBS-Recording/GIFs explain themselfs:

    Oculus Mirror -> Screen jitter in the recording when moving the Head, even with Full VR which fixes the game window place in the VR-View

    SteamVR Mirror -> has a big black border between left and right eye, which messes with the stereo overlap when recorded. If you would add the window 2 times, and crop to left and right eye only, the eyes would be out of sync

    OpenVR-OBS-Plugin -> I tried that with cropping, but due to the eyes being out of sync, while it is stereo 3D, it doesn’t work when the camera is moving

    SurrealCapture -> only certain apps, not working for VorpX

    So far the Generic 3D Display SBS is the option that delivered a good viewing experience, but then I can’t play in 3D myself.


    Ive tested the way described in the link above and it dont get any good results either (with vorpx). OBS captures either one eye only through the VR monitor or nothing at all. In desktop mode i also get a (small) black bar in the middle, but havent tried to view the output video back yet, the bar might not be visible when viewed through HMD.

    A year ago (or was it two) the SteamVR trick used to work as a charm.


    I forgot to mention, steamVR underwent some schanges, a few versions back the VRmirror view was still undistorted and you couldnt choose beetween left, right both eyes etc.
    Btw: Not shure if understand you right, are you recording left and right eye sperately with OBS ? Thats not needed when recoding the Mirror Window in both eyes mode. At least a while ago. Well, the distorted lense view messes up everything anyhow now. Perhaps there is a way to switch back to undistorted view. There are a bunch of debug shortcuts which i havent tried yet. – Menu top left corner of the STeam VR Mirror.


    I am abit busy right now, though found some settings that may affect how the Headset mirror image and distortion looks like. open steamvr.settings and experiment with

    “mirrorView” : 1,
    “mirrorViewEye” : 2,
    “mirrorViewGeometry” : “-32000 -32000 160 24”,
    “mirrorViewGeometryMaximized” : true,

    i find especially the last 2 lines interesting.


    Dont bother with these settings, they seem to be a leftover from an older version. :-/


    Hi, would be the holy grail if it could be done easily , think off all the youtubers who could serve content for VR viewers its a million dollar market ;))


    Got it finally working, wasnt a VorpX or SteamVR fault, with the right OBS settings SBS can be captured.Iv created a scene that you can import into OBS, please read on here

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