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    does vorpX has a ‘normal’ SBS-mode too? for 3D gaming on 3D-TVs.

    would be great, because ALL 3D enthusiasts are actually looking for alternatives to tridef and 3d-vision. both have stopped with official profile support.


    Currently not. This *may* be an option for the future, but I can’t tell anything specific at this point.


    thx for the info!

    may I ask for the reason? you already have the software which does the ‘3d rendering’. wouldn’t it be simple to output in ‘normal-sbs’ instead of the ‘oculus-sbs’?

    and as I mentioned before, now it’s the right time for new providers of 3d-software, because of the problems with tridef and 3d-vision. a lot of people all over the world are actually searching for alternatives!


    Actually this is a great idea, Tridef is dead and 3d vision is in life support, with only modders keeping it alive. I have a 3d projector, this would be interesting.


    if SBS support was offered would that make crysis 3’s official 3D support would work, because currently when i select it in the in game menus i saw 2 pictures per eye.

    also i think human revolution has official 3D support, and would likey do SBS, i think in that scase the guns would be fixed, as currently when you do 3D with vorpx there is a double gun issue making 3D less enjoyable than 2D.


    I would love this feature too! Seems like all you’d have to do is remove the vignette for it to work!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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