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    Hello Ralph, gongratulations for your great work, great effort for a one man only.
    I have aproblem with skyrim, With the default configuration all looks small, i have entered my ipd that works well with all unity demos, but i have no luck in vorpx.
    Do you think I can fix in the configuration?
    Can you give me some trick for configuration when the world looks small.

    thank you.


    Press Del and go through the menu and you can change the settings which can change the effective FOV and scale settings. You should spend at least 30 mins per game playing around with settings (one at a time) until you get a comfortable configuration. The default configuration might not be the best for every game and for each individual.


    Hi Fugazi,

    please also check the Eye Separation setting. You should not set it too high, since this makes the world look small.

    The default value of 1.0 should give you a good sense of scale, but you may want to try a even lower value.


    Hi, does someone tested vorpx with skyrim enb?


    Listen to me , in-game press “\” (the button to the left of the 1) and then
    write “fov 100” .. it’s very very very fantastic :)


    Hi there,

    My vorpx configuration in Skyrim It’s perfect, but hands and weapons looks too much big, and that’s something I can’t fix on vorpx.

    In Skyrim, “Fov” command tweaks the world but not the weapons, is there some option I can tweak to make weapons smaller?



    If you use Geometry 3D, you can enhance the FOV with the FOV Enhancement setting from the vorpX in-game menu instead the of the Skyrim console command. This also changes the FOV for the payer model. Might make sense to use a combination of both for the best possible settings.


    That didn’t work. I need a command to tweak the weapons size…


    Make sure that Geometry 3D is enabled and use the ‘3D FOV enhancement’. This changes the FOV for the whole picture, including hands and weapon.


    I can see in your answer you only worry about what people can think about vorpx reading to our complains more than helping to your users.

    Have you even tried the game yourself? I don’t think so.

    Don’t worry, It’s not vorpx fault (wich is what you want to people to know)

    I better ask somewhere else.

    Thanks anyway.


    I’m sorry that the above answer is the only one I can give you. Normally using the 3D FOV Enhancement makes weapons look smaller due to the changed perspective, while keeping them in the correct proportion relative to the world.

    Not sure why this does not seem to work for you. Could you provide a small video clip that shows what happens when you change the setting? I’d like to take a look at it.

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