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    “You can (and always could) use vorpX’s integrated FOV control instead of the Skyrim console to change the player mesh FOV alongside with the game FOV.”

    Well that’s news to me and something you neglected to mention previously :) – thank you for explaining.

    No amount of Skyrim.ini tweaking would fix the shadow issue, ditto for the water / skybox issues. Are such issues something you are prioritizing and working to resolve or should we expect to see these problems for sometime to come?

    Thanks for the quick reply, much appreciated.


    A real shadow fix would require that it works with the default (deferred) shadows. Everything that requires changing the shadow mode in multiple .ini files – although certainly OK for enthusiasts – is not enough for a large part of the userbase unfortunately.

    The nightsky issue is fixed already since mid November. Given the popularity of Skyrim minor game specific fixes aren’t low priority, but they also aren’t a top priortity, so I do not have a specific timeframe for something like that unfortunately.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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