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    I think that those game run similarly .
    Post your preferred setting , i’ll do the same tonight .
    With mine setting there are very little glitches but very beautiful effects


    To honest as of yet I am unable to find any preferable settings. Z-Buffer mode is so flat I would only use it on a game if I really had to (no offense).

    Geo Mode has many, many issues and I’m really surprised to see Skyrim listed as a compatible game. It isn’t and here is why:

    – Water is messed up, hurts your eyes and needs fixing ASAP
    – Sky box is off
    – Shadows are disabled
    – Hands look massive when weapons are drawn / other scaling issues
    – Fish eye warping when looking up or down (also found in Z-Buffer Mode) which induces sim sickness.

    I understand that this is a beta, but Skyrim is advertised as working then it should work, clearly it doesn’t. IMO for a game that is advertised to work none of the above issues should be there.

    Believe me I spent several hours yesterday tweaking settings and trying various mods to see if I could resolve at least some of the above.


    Some of those issues are inevitable. Larger ones (Skybox) will be looked into. A subsystem for handling such shader specific issues is in place. Please remember that this vorpX beta, more game specific fixes will be added over time.

    Shadows might stay disabled. Shadows in modern games are an issue in every 3d injection driver.

    See the “How to get the most out of vorpX” guide for the ‘fisheye warping’, it’s explitely mentioned there. This is a side effect of the ‘Smart’ Aspect Ratio Handling. Just choose another AR-Mode.


    I’ll leave the ARC stuff for the other thread as it’s not just Skyrim specific. However the shadow / water issues are fixable, HELIX did this for 3D vision. I appreciate your product works in a different way but I believe the issue is resolvable with work.

    While tinkering around I notice that HELIX’s Skyrim mod does load with VORPX enabled, however his shader fixes are all at the wrong depth, this seems to indicate that there may be more that you can do rather than simply disabling this aspect of the game.

    I appreciate that this is beta and will have issues but you advertise Skyrim as a working game. It really isn’t in it’s current state.


    Those mods aren’t meant for vorpX, so you shouldn’t be too surprised. Actually I’m surprised that they do anything at all. As far as I know, they are specifically for nVidia 3DVision.


    I am well aware of this, I think you misunderstood my post. All I am saying is that turning off shadows, although a fine temporary fix, is not a solution to the issue. HELIX managed to fix shadows for 3DVision (for free I may add) so it’s not impossible for you to do this also. Clearly, even with HELIX’s mod not being compatible with this driver it can displace and move shaders etc (even if not correctly).

    From a product I have paid money for & that advertised Skyrim as a supported game I’d expect more. Beta or nay, Skyrim was stated it was a working game. Yes, it “works” depending on how you personally interpret “working” (it doesn’t CTD on launch like BioShock Infinity at least), but it is really unplayable due to the many bugs I listed above. Without working water, sky box and scaled arms I would say the game is an unplayable mess. Which is shame.

    I’m not trying to have a go or anything but so far other than the edge peek function (which is liable to be copied in some shape or form) I have been quite disappointed with VORPX in general. Even as a beta I expected the listed games to at least work well considering how few there are.

    I hope you are not expecting the Z-Buffer mode to carry this product as many 3D enthusiasts will not touch fake 3D with a barge pole. Take a look at all the Crysis 2/3 threads out there.

    If you intend to look into these issues then fair enough, just let us know and if possible provide some kind of ETA / priority list. Equally, if intend on leaving stuff broken in games or worse still disabled (as your original reply hinted) let us know and if at all possible where / how we get our money back.

    You need to seriously look at posting a bunch of known issues on your “compatible” games list so people can at least make an informed purchase.


    Let’s not start to argue about this. As already said a shader fix system is in place, and used for some things, obviuosly not for Skyrim shadows (so far).

    These mods fix things in games that a company like nVidia thinks are OK. That might tell you something. ;)


    Heyho fellow VR enthusiasts,

    at first again big thanks to Ralf for making VorpX in the first place. It’s definitely the best solution to play Skyrim right now.

    To fix water, sky and moons actually try the corresponding water fix, skybox fix and no moons fix from here:

    As for shadows form my experience the head-roll is the problem here. Since patch 1.6 the deferred shadows can be set to 0 in the skyrimprefs.ini (found not in the install directory, but under user/documents/mygames/skyrim iirc). It’s this line:

    For 3D vision of Nvidia this does the shadow fix alone. Have you tried disabling roll and setting this line, Ralf (with geo3d mode)? Mayhaps that’s already enough actually.

    Additionally I find it very important enable advanced settings of vorpx in the config mneu and push the focal point towards the user. This way it’s much easier to read dialogue choice texts which otherwise collide with the background picture. Additionally I find it advisable to actually lower the 3d eye separation quite a bit. Things get realistically larger (well minus hands and weapon who stay too large in any scenario imho), and the text becomes even better readable. Try to get the text float a tiny bit in front of the NPC you talk to. Still, everything is yet quite deep and separated.

    Subjectively I need much less separation in VR than on a computer screen in front of me. It works differently when the picture fills your whole field of view.


    CylonSurfer, this is just my opinion as a 3rd party: you seem like a pretty smart detail oriented guy, and I agree with your astute assessments in your posts. But having said that, I think you’re getting a wee bit wrapped around the axle over the details that aren’t to your liking.

    You paid 43 bucks for an early release beta driver for an early release hardware item that isn’t even going to be released until next year. So it mostly works but because some details don’t work to your exacting satisfaction you want to throw the whole thing back and demand a refund? IMO, that’s a little unreasonable considering how fresh off the press this is. You did a good job of highlighting some problems Ralf should look into, you should have left it at that.

    Everything you’re getting on about here is open to interpretation as far as your reactions to them. I actually almost 100% agree with you on all your assessments of Skyrim and this driver at a factual level: it’s still hard to actually dig in and play, but to me mostly because the edge peek and zoom are a good start, but the GUI panels are still pretty large and way out to the periphery – unlike you, I actually find the geometry 3D mode pretty acceptable to play even with the visual glitches you can’t stand.

    To my mind, the 500lb gorilla in the room isn’t these slight visual glitches, it’s the fact the resolution is so low in the dev kit. But what can you do? We all knew we were getting a low res dev kit. At this early stage in the game, the visual effects could look as crisp and flawless as 1080p PC Crysis3 set to Very High FX quality and it’s still gonna look not so hot through the big obnoxious screen door we’re all looking through anyway ;-)


    “To my mind, the 500lb gorilla in the room isn’t these slight visual glitches, it’s the fact the resolution is so low in the dev kit. ”

    I agree with this statement fully. After the consumer model arrives with higher resolution it will drastically multiply the enjoyment factor of most games that vorpx makes possible. Simply improving resolution will add great value to Vorpx without changing a single line of code.


    Skyrim is fantastic great with this..
    But i have a little bug that i can’t able to solve.
    The net or sand for example in the dungeon appear and desappear in each eye ..
    Can you solve this?


    I was hoping a beefly modded game would help somewhat making it look gorgeous in the Rift.

    Is there any way to make it at least playable for a few hours at a time?


    My post was for Skyrim, btw.


    Hey Ralf,

    Any news on fixing the giant player mesh, water and lack of shadows in Skyrim (in real 3D mode of course)? It’s been a while since I asked about it and other drivers have recently made real progress in this area. Again demonstrating that 3D bugs such as these are indeed fixable and should not simply be ignored or features disabled as a quick fix.

    All the best,



    You can (and always could) use vorpX’s integrated FOV control instead of the Skyrim console to change the player mesh FOV alongside with the game FOV. Shadows will be dealt with when we find a way to do this without requiring users to fiddle with .ini settings.

    Hope this helps.

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