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    Hi everyone

    I noticed something very interesting today while I was setting up CSGO with vorpx

    The game play has been so so, without vorpx running I get about 250-290fps / s on max settings in 2560×1080 resolution
    As soon as I run vorpx with geometry 3d it would go to a shitty framerate the game, even at low resolution like 960×1080

    Anyway I was experimenting today with command line switches and saw there is -refresh setting

    I set this to 90

    Ohh my god, everything is as fluid as on regular monitor screen, could even run the game in full monitor resolution and it was going every bit as good as he monitor

    As I can not run 90hz on my screen I need to run it in windowsed mode and not full screen

    But this works perfectly, have not tried any other games but my guess is the results would be very similiar

    We need to be able to control the refresh rate inside games to get full effect

    Only issue I still have is that I get double crosshair in geometry 3d, everything else works perfect and I have gotten used to pretty much use the space between my crosshair as aiming point

    Anyway hope this will help some people out

    this might help people interested in CSGO

    -w 1280 -h 1024 -novid -refresh 90 -windowed

    I know max res I can get geometry 3d in is 1920×1080



    A limit of say 60 Hz doesn’t mean 60 FPS in VR. In reality it goes down to exactly 30 FPS, half the value at 60 Hz. Guess this has to do with the rendering for two eyes. (If you tried playing Prey (latest version) or Amnesia in VR on a 60 Hz monitor you know what I mean; eye-cancer alert)

    If you’re lucky you can remove this limitation like you did with CSGO, but I’d suggest upping the limit to 180 or removing the FPS lock completely if possible.

    Some games render at max monitor refresh rate and force your rift to run the same. there’s nothing you can do besides buying a monitor with a higher rate. And some game’s physics is tied to 60 Hz/FPS. Then you’re even more screwed. :/


    I am on a 200hz monitor with g-sync.

    And problem is, when you do not run this limit of 90 in CSGO at least, the game is very stuttery
    I dont know what framerate the game runs at as I could not get fraps or any other tool to overlay the fps inside vorpx

    But I know for a fact the game looks like it goes less than 30fps when I dont limit
    But when I do the limiting at 90 it goes super smooth, it absolutly rocks how it works

    So my guess is that it actually is going higher than 90 and thats where the stutter comes from as I think the Oculus rift cv1 and probably all other models all force output with vsync on and the games probably hitting higher rate than it suppose to be and introduce the stutter, because if it would be that it goes too slow then limiting to 90 should not have made any difference

    the fps lock removal is how it runs standard as it runs easy near 300fps with everything maxed out on my screen when vieweing with Fraps



    Press alt+F to show fps while using vorpx. Or maybe it’s ctrl+F.


    CSGO looks beautiful for me after a bit of tweaking, apart from the crosshairs. I only have a single one, but it’s rendered at what looks like z:0. Makes it almost impossible to hit anything. Has anybody else seen this? How do I get around it?


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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