So after the Oculus price drama, how's support for OSVR and Vive?

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    Actually they do say that, a lot. Not saying you do, but they really do a lot.

    If they had used (real) Full HD, non-plastic lenses etc from the start, sure it would have been more expensive. They did not, one of the reasons being that less developers and indies, which are very important, couldn’t have afforded or decided to get a dev-kit. I doubt we would have many demos and titles to try out VR, if it had been as expensiv as the CV.


    HTC Vive price is a moving target. It could be “cheap” that is, nearly the same price of CV1, since HTC manufactures themselves all components, it doesn’t have the expensive fabric thing, screens won’t probably be samsung amoled so cheaper, lighthouse is really cheap to manufacture compared to oculus cam, no integrated headphones, it doesn’t include extras like games, xb1 controller or carrying case. HTC has great distribution centers worldwide so even if it was more expensive, it could be cheaper for non-US customers compared to $800-1000 Oculus if they remove import taxes.

    On the other hand, HTC needs to make money on hardware and cannot subsidize the price, and controllers and chaperone camera add to the price. And then there’s the pure marketing factor: even if they can manufacture Vive a lot cheaper, why sell it at lower price when they are the more complete solution? However, Oculus will recieve Touch in H2 and possibly full room VR, will they prefer to get more market share early on or go for the quick buck from early adopters?

    Then there’s the Valve factor, which is completely unknown. Do they help subsidize the product to help selling their own Steam Machines and Steam platform for VR? We don’t know if they are really part of the hardware production at any level or not.

    Short answer: who knows.


    @Ralf, Looks like OSVR specific headsets are coming out. In the latest interview with tested they said that the HDK is a reference model and they already have a few people taking the design and creating their own spin on the headset and rebranding it. So there will be consumer-ish version of the HDK.

    I really hope for osvr support soon. I have the HDK 1.3 and there isn’t much to use it with. Since razer announced that you guys were supporting them back around may of 2015, i hope that by the time the hdk was available to the public that there will be some beta version of vorpx that would work.

    I don’t see a downside to supporting osvr, it already has oculus support. Then there’s the steamVR plugin for osvr, so SteamVR games will work through OSVR as well. So I really hope you reconsider making a push for OSVR to work in vorpx. At the price range of oculus and the vive, i’ll be sticking with my HDK for a long while.

    The interview I mentioned.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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