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    I have a new oculus and have been using VorpX for 3 days so just realize this MAY be a bit scattered… BUT, as stated in Skyrim about every 4 – 6 scene loading (like walking into a inn) the game just loads and loads… it doesn’t lock up, it just never comes back from the loading.

    This has only started happening since using the VorpX.


    If this also happens without vorpX running, it’s probably just an odd concidence. vorpX doesn’t do anything while it is not running.

    If you used the vorpX Game Optimizer and want to be extra sure, you can also revert all changes to your Skyrim.ini it potentially made in the config app.


    Infinite loading is a common thing for skyrim.
    Iirc it’s due to incorrect memory allocation.
    There are several solutions you might want to try out.
    SKSE allows setting a bigger initial memory allocation.
    So does ENBoost if I’m not mistaken.
    And if you already have SKSE you might want to try out SafetyLoad. You can find that on the nexus, that solved my load problems.

    Right after writing this I realized… you can’t use those with vorpx. xD
    You might still look into the infinite loading screen problem on google. There are lots of guides out there that address it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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