The Raven

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    The Raven (G3D)

    The Raven: Legacy of a Masterthief / Verm├Ąchtnis eines Meisterdiebs
    Chapter 1-3
    Adventure from 2013

    At the moment i am working on a very large game database and i quite often come across games (especially adventure games) that look surprisingly good in 3D (G3D) even they were rated as “2D” by the media. .. One reason i come up so early in the day with yet another game profile . also after almost 330 games fixed by now, a well adjusted profile doesnt take very long anymore, what a luck

    – Not tested with remaster version
    – Optimized for Cinema Modes
    – If shadows annoy you, turn shadow treatment to invert or OFF
    – Profile available at the cloud

    more pics at:


    Thanks for all the profiles RJK, little sidenote: dude in the first picture has no head !


    Na, can’t you see his big brown conductors beard?


    to me it looks like trousers from the man behind , maybe a shader problem ;)


    Thanks Guys, appreciate your feedback ! I wonder i havent noticed that myself. What you see here is a camera position effect which can happen when taking Screenshots through exaggerated pos Tracking settings for unusual Camera Postions. Ill replace the image later on with a better one.

    The game itself should look clean with the settings stored in the profile.

    If some of you are interested in reading more about my method, please read on here

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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