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    any advice at all to get this working, seems to inject fine and vorpx even says DX11 only which is fine, however there is no way I can see to increase the FOV in the game, will vorpx have support for geometry 3D in this game to enabled to 3D FOV enhancer?


    I know this thread is old but its title is appropriate and I don’t want to litter the forum with multiple threads about the same game.

    Anyone experiences the shadow in this game is not at correct depth ? it’s driving my eyes nuts. All trees’ shadows suppose to fall on the ground but they are actually lie on a plane a distance beneath the ground. Turning shadow in game off doesn’t turn the shadows off.


    Just tried it again and works flawless.

    in steam add the command line parameters -dx9 (triggers g3d mode) and -nolauncher (if you want to get rid of the launcher)

    Somehow i could not get rid of the headtracking overriding my xbox controller. But i was to lazy to track this “bug” down.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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