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    I just looked over a huge list of games with vorpx support but I suspect it was for DK1 only, included on the list I saw Tomb Raider Underworld and was wondering if it had 3D support for DK2 or only DK1?


    Works here when selecting the secondary display adapter in the Underworld setup program.

    Default 3D is a bit weak, you might want to raise “3D Strength” close to the max. Will fix the default for the next update. There’s also a GUI-issue, which might not be fixable. Still playable.

    Also make sure to set the “3D-FOV Enhancement” to the max, and maybe zoom the image out a bit, FOV still isn’t perfect, even with 3D-FOV Enhancement set to max.


    Interesting. I will certainly give it a go tonight.


    Just playing this now, 3d is great when set to 5.0 max, GUI has minor issues in that case but its worth it for the 3D, if your not bothered about 3D strength then setting it to 1.0 will give you no gui problems.

    yes there is no FoV options besides vorpx’s built in one, it works quite well, it still ends up a bit zoomed in , I would like to be able to set it to 1.8 but can live with 1.5,

    flawless widescreen has a FOV fix for this game but i think that fix applies for increasing the width of the image for triple monitor, and not really a FOV increaser which is what we’d need.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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