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    Any chance of a profile for Trepang2?

    The game looks phenomenal, and in 3d with Voropx, Id imagine would look more phenomenal.



    same here !

    You can try a profile of a game that using the unreal engine or try to use the Resident Evil Village Profile.


    No g3d. Only zadaptive or znormal. Because run with dx12


    It also has DX11 (

    I have a profile working in G3D I just have not uploaded it because my profile needs an edited exe to increase the FOV without using Vorpx’s FOV slider.
    (There are sometimes weird artifacts when using Vorpx’s FOV slider with UE4 games, typically floors, walls and light sources, with most UE4 games this can be resolved with a HEX edit).

    I can upload my profile if you like, but for best results you would need to modify your game exe with a HEX edit (I know not everybody would want to do that).
    I posted a small guide for a different game (Industria) a while back, ..


    (EXACTLY the same process, just different game)

    If you would like me to upload it let me know.



    Thank you! Yes please upload with that note!


    Ok I uploaded the profile, added a link in the profile description to the above (Industria) post with HEX instructions. But just in case :
    *Make a backup of the Trepang2 exe before you start.

    1 – Open Trepang2’s main shipping exe with any hex editor (I use free Hex Editor Neo)
    2 – Hit CTRL+F and Search for “35 FA 0E 3C” (without quotes) (Type=Hex)
    3 – You will find 4 sets of this code in a row, skip those and you will find a 5th further down
    4 – Highlight “0E” and hit F2 to edit the value
    5 – Enter “3E”
    6 – Save the file

    Now when you load Trepang2 the FOV will be almost perfect, then you can use the actual “in game” FOV slider to tweak to your liking.
    Not certain, been a while since I’ve played it, but I think I used 95. But as I said tweak it how you like it.

    Let me know if you have any problems ;)



    Thanks for making this profile. The game is only rendering in the left eye on my setup (Quest 3 via air link, on a PC with Geforce 4090).

    I changed all the video settings to low, tried different resolutions, disabled vsync, etc. The hud shows up in both eyes, but not the game engine.

    Switching to the z-options (away from geometry) starts rendering in both eyes, but have no stereoscopic effect. I have done the hex edit on the binary as well, that had no effect.

    Any idea what I might try to get it working?


    Found the problem. It would seem that I need to toggle DLSS ON then OFF again each time I start the game for the other eye to start rendering. Great job with this profile.


    You beat me to it, ..
    Yeah, DLSS is usually the culprit for black right eye.

    You’re welcome, Enjoy ;)


    is playing this game with vorpx better then with UEVR?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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