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    Okay so, now that I have understood that at least one Base Station for the HTC Vive must be on (mode set to A) I do everything as normal, and this time I was able to get the game playing in my headset. A little dizzy and nauseous at first, still need to go back and adjust settings to make it better. A little blurry in my opinion. I have to figure out how to coordinate myself since the head movement moves the crosshair.


    Having a wide enough Field of View is important to avoid getting dizzy. Running a DirectVR scan during gameplay can help this if available. Otherwise you’ll need to find ways to greatly increase FOV in a games settings.

    Battlefront 2 has FOV slider in the video options. For fullVR you generally want it somewhere between 100-130.

    If you are still having trouble getting used to the headtracking of FullVR mode, maybe try out the cinema modes from the Delete key menu to see how that feels. You can adjust the size of the screen, and also the strength of the 3D depth and still get an immersive experience. There are also sliders for sharpness and brightness, this can help make it less blurry.

    If you want an example of this, search my name on the Cloud Profiles of vorpX config app and import my SWBF2 profile (not the beta one). In game set FOV around 95 and see if it feels ok.


    The FOV is handled automatically for Battlefront 2. vorpX sets it to a value that is perfectly calculated. Setting the FOV manually in games where vorpX can do that automatically can cause comfort issues for more sensitive people rather than avoiding them since even small deviations from the correct FOV may be irritating for them.

    Caveat: the game is a bit special, FOV adjustment is only possible in multiplayer. If you want to play the campaign, it’s better to play in immersive screen mode like dellrifter (and the vorpX startup message for the game) suggests.

    Image quality: you can run games at any resolution with vorpX. Check the “Custom Resolutions” section in the vorpX help, it explains how to add resolutions to your PC that it normally cannot display. Afterwards you can select a preferred quality on the DirectVR page of the vorpX ingame menu in Battlefront 2.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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