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    Hi recently a lot of people play Valheim. I used one of Unreal Engine profiles and adjusted some stuff and now Valheim works with VorpX via cloud profile.


    I don’t have Valheim so I can’t check out your profile, but I’m wondering why you used an unreal engine profile on a unity game. In my experience, the two don’t work well together.


    Nevermind. I see that ParadiseDecay already uploaded a unity based profile. I assume that your goal was z3d and not g3d.


    Hi Guys.

    I saw Paradise Decay’s You Tube on Valheim.
    But his profile, is not “real” VR. Its Virtual Cinema.

    And I apologise, if this is in any way a really basic, obvious question/answer.
    Im only just starting again with VorpX, after a long time away.
    So very much a beginner again.

    If there is already a real profile, if someone could let me know.

    Or, and is Ralf reads this, is there going to be an official one please.
    Its an awesome game. But in real VR it would be incredible.

    Every time I play I just wish I could “go into the world.”

    Any feedback on this, would be really appreciated.


    I don’t understand your definition of virtual cinema. Paradise
    Decay’s profile renders the game in G3D and can be played in Cinema, Immersive, or FullVR modes, just like every other vorpx compatible game. I don’t know if the headtracking works, but there’s no reason to believe it doesn’t. The same is true of Perkel’s profile, with the exception that it uses Z3D instead of G3D.

    FullVR mode with the G3D profile is as close to “real” VR as you’re likely to get with vorpx. An official profile would be nice, but it’s not a showstopper.


    Hello Ogrescar, and thank you so much.

    Forgive me for not explaining myself. And you are so right, on PDs YT, he does say it is “doable” in all three modes. But that he in only plays in immersive screen.

    After reading your post, I just tried it. And though its not perfect, and like he says, It cant be configured in full VR to see the menu, or the UI.

    It wass still fantastic to be able to see my home in full VR.

    It would be awesome to have an “officially done playable VorpX profile” for full VR.
    And seeing as its being touted as “one of the hottest games in the world” ATM.
    Would bring a lot of people ValheimVR fun. 🤞🏼

    Thank you again for pointing this out.💎


    The main thing that is different between FullVR and immersive mode are the shaders that comprise the GUI. I would assume that PD took the time to identify those prior to uploading his profile, but I guess he’s too busy making videos to be bothered with such trivial matters.

    In any case, the game looks simple enough – there are probably only 1-2 shaders that make up the GUI and can be fixed with the shader authoring tool by changing their mode from normal to viewport. Once they’ve been identified the GUI will be resizable for FullVR in the vorpx menu, and will activate edgepeek.

    You would also have to adjust the headtracking as necessary to correspond to your fov.


    Hey Ogrescar.

    Sorry it took this long to reply, and thank you. Been a rough couple of weeks.

    Thanks for the feedback.
    Some of what you said is beyond me.

    Ill be honest with over 5 million seats sold now on Steam, a record breaking amount of players each day, and (again) its a Unity game.

    And now that Valheim even has 1st person mods that work, pretty much flawlessly.
    Especially the one by “kailen37”
    (Even though I am a fan of 3rd person VR.) But this mod allows for changing between the views.

    I am surprised it hasn’t got an official VorpX profile now, with the implementations you mentions addressed.

    Hers hoping one rolls along.
    I have no doubt it will be well received.


    I’ll look into that before the next update, which (unless something unforeseen happens) is planned for the second half of this month. As always no promises though.


    Hey Ralf.

    I was really hoping you would see this thread.

    And, am very pleased you will look at it.(time and things permitting.)

    Just really pleased theres a chance of an official true VR profile.
    For myself, and the ton of others loving Valheim.

    Thanks again.


    Hi all.

    Game looks great in vorpx, in the day time at least.

    I’ve tried out yours (perkel) and Paradise Decay’s cloud profiles, but both suffer from being really really dark, especially at night time.

    Is there any fix for this?

    Keep up the good work!


    You can adjust the gamma in the vorpx display or image settings. But I think the game is supposed to be that way – don’t go out at night because it’s really dark and cold.


    What kind of Viking would I be if I was afraid of the dark?

    Anyways, here is a screenshot comparison of the level of darkness in VorpX vs, running the game natively.

    Valheim w/ VorpX – darkness

    As you can see, the difference is quite drastic.

    The gamma setting does make it brighter, yes, but not in a way that makes the game look normal.


    Yeah, that’s really dark. There are probably some shadows that need to be suppressed with the shader editor tool.


    I totally get there’s no promises, but just wanted to voice my support for an ‘official’ profile.

    This game is amazing. Can’t wait to mess around with it in VorpX.

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