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    I bought VorpX a few weeks ago and am having a ball in my Vive with it playing Fallout 4 and Skyrim. Now my problem is in the Virtual Cinema mode. I am using VLC with my Vive and it works great for most movies. But I can’t change any Virtual Cinema settings. For example I want to change the background in the Virtual Cinema to no Background, but I can’t find the settings to do so! In games, I press the DEL key and I can change all the settings I want, but in Virtual Cinema mode, I can only change the volume. And when I press the DEL key, nothing happens!

    I also want to watch SBS 3D movies in VLC. When I play them through the VorpX Virtual Cinema, the movie plays, but it’s in 2 side by side windows, not interleaved as one. Again, pressing the DEL key does nothing. What am I missing here? I haven’t found any info in the VorpeX configs about what key to use in the Virtual Cinema mode to change anything.



    Ahhh, I fixed it. I remapped the DEL key to NUM LOCK, as documented in another thread on this board. Now I can access the Virtual Cinema settings. Just a heads up for anyone else having this problem. Zootopia 3D looks fantastic in the Vive!


    will this ever be fixed because rebinding the key everytime is a bit of a pain.


    Make sure you have the option to display on desktop.. Mirror to desktop or something like that. Right click vorpx on system menu and select it. I’m not near computer so I don’t k ow the exact name of it but u will know what I’m talking about when u see it.


    Can you post your setting for Skyrim please?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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