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    Hey everyone,
    I’m running HTC Vive on an older laptop (i7-4700 and a GTX 770m), and originally planned to make an extended step-by-step guide on running Morrowind with modern mods through Vorpx.. citing my “low-spec” build and how it runs, versus my future high-spec build so others could have ease of access to run a modern rendition of many people’s favourite RPG, but I have encountered a big problem that has gotten in the way of such a thing:

    Due to the fact that I have an older laptop(I’m assuming), running SteamVR with Direct Mode on will not work(and oh god have I tried), which in turn, unfortunately, neuters the functionality of Vorpx.

    On the plus side, I’ve managed to circumvent this issue through using the following steps:
    1.Turning off SteamVR
    2. Choosing “Generic VR headset (extended mode)” option under the Device Selection drop-down in general options
    3. Choosing the “Show on all monitors(clone)” selection.
    4. Run the game.
    5. (Optional) While running the game, re-enabling SteamVR,going into SteamVR settings, and enabling the vive headphone functionality in the Audio Settings tab.

    This works fine and dandy with geometry-3d (and its gorgeous by the way!) and DirectVR setting seems to inject fine as well. Minus one critical feature: Head-tracking. Head-tracking is turned off by default, and is the only thing missing to an otherwise totally functional experience for people in my situation.

    Ralf has made it clear in previous posts that Direct Mode is what Vorpx is programmed for, but considering its current near-perfect functionality in extended mode (Testing on Fallout: New Vegas), what i’m wondering is if there is any way I could fiddle with the settings to enable head-tracking? Maybe using a previous version would help out as well? Any advice on the situation is much appreciated, I can get by for these few months without head-tracking but if there was another way to go about this I’d love to give it a whirl. Thanks for reading, I hope this issue can be resolved so others with sub-par gaming rigs can jump in on the VR experience before building their super rigs as I have :)



    I’ve already asked for this feature: https://www.vorpx.com/forums/topic/generic-hmd-tracking-option/

    Hopefully you have better luck ;) :) :P


    Extended mode is meant for phone users who usually have an additional head tracking solution. Additional trackers for extended mode are on the nice-to-have-feature-list, but currently not a priority. Sorry.


    +1 for this feature if time permits sometime. Thanks Ralf


    Hi there

    Any chance this could happen?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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