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    I have had VR headsets since 2016 and discovered Vorpx around the same time, was always temped but put off by all the bad reviews on the internet and especially Reddit. I wanted it mostly to be able to play “Nvidia 3D” games on the headset.
    Nvidia dropped 3D support, my 3D monitor was junk but still the negative reviews turned me off Vorpx, even with the Valve Index’s improved resolution over the Vive.

    However this all changed after purchasing the Quest 2. After seeing the miracle nature of Virtual Desktop working nearly flawlessly on a Wireless >>> Wireless set up (worst setup possible) I felt it was time to take the risk to be able to play all my “pancake” games, in any room of my house on a 3D TV in VR (if not in VR mode if it worked).

    So tonight I bought Vorpx. Other than the DRM, which i personally detest, the set up was quick and the key was sent within minutes of purchasing and emailing Vorpx.

    Quick painless install, and I was playing 3D games on a massive monitor within seconds… and other than shadows everything looks fantastic!

    So I am definitely going to get my monies worth out of this incredibly clever app. The critical reviews seem unfair, or based on an older build. I would like to take a few more weeks getting to know your software better, and trying out a variety of games, but I will be sure to spread the positive experience in the usual VR sub reddits.

    For anyone on the fence, for 3D gaming on a virtual monitor in VR… it works :-)

    Thank you Ralph for a rather magical piece of software.


    Vorpx is the best investment I’ve made in my headset, Reddit be damned. I read some whiny remarks from whiny people and bought the software anyway. I’m glad I did because it is awesome/magical/genius and cured me of my addiction to vr porn. Well, maybe not completely cured…


    Thanks for the kind words. Most of the time one only hears from people with problems while the rest is enjoying the show. Very much appreciated whenever occasionally someone takes the time to write a post like yours.

    BTW: make sure to check some games from the list below. vorpX at max. capacity is more than just stereo 3D. If you like it so far, you might *really* enjoy games like e.g. Bioshock (for the best possible experience use the original with -dx9 launch parameter, not the remaster).

    Good Full VR Games for Beginners


    I always try and counter Reddit negativity when I see it. I’ve also been accused of being a paid shill (I wish!).

    I always try and keep my praise balanced: “It’s not for everyone and there’s no demo or refund but I’ve had a lot of value from it and I’m not the only one”.

    And I try and refute some of the nonsense that a few people spread around about the trustworthiness of the licencing system.


    VorpX has definitely been the best part of VR for me for the last few years. Reddit has become such an echo chamber of “mob-think” lately, that I’m going there less and less these days.


    when i’m not doing native vr games, i use vorpx x (before i used 3d vision); I regularly advertise on etr.fr (I’m French)


    Yup, I always try my best to explain to the redditor, the wonder of playing 2d non vr games in vorpx,

    this software is just mind blowing for me, there is no way i can go back to 2d games without 3d stereo effect like G3D inside giant massive screen.

    Thank you so much ralf for all these good years of VR

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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