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    Following a number of recent Vorpx updates, FNV consistently fails to boot when ran along side VorpX. Even with AV disabled/ exceptions created (I use Avast), the problem still persists. I’ve managed to get it to boot w/ Vorpx a handful of times since troubleshooting yesterday, but this success seems random at best (1 out of 5 boots were successful on average). I am also presented with an error from Steam: “Application load error S:0000065432”. I never experienced this issue prior to the recent vorpx updates, and have NOT once reproduced it while running the game in 2D without Vorpx (in essence, fallout new vegas boots fine when not used in conjunction in Vorpx).

    Not sure if I’m missing something here but I would appreciate any help in resolving this matter.


    Can‘t replicate this issue. First please try to enable ‚Alternative Hooking‘ in the config app. Note that this option should only be used in case of hooking issues with specific games. It‘s not better, just different. If in doubt always try both regular and alternative hooking.

    If that does not help, get rid of Avast. Some AV programs falsely consider each and every new vorpX version malicious. If you want to avoid such problems entirely, exclude the vorpX program folder and the game folder in question from your AV scanner.

    Please note that some more invasive AV programs may not allow you to really disable them or may require you to disable several modules and/or options.

    A good alternative to invasive third party AV programs is Windows Defender, which comes free with Windows 10. It kicks in automatically when you remove your third party AV program. Unlike some other AV vendors Microsoft at least reacts fast and reliable when being made aware of false positives.


    As always, thanks for the help Ralf! It seems that enabling the alternate hook method my problems have gone resolved.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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