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    Im considering buying vorpx since I’ve been wanting more seated vr experiences. I’m expecting games on their Direct VR compatibility list to work as good as the Alien Isolation VR mod, is this a fair assessment? I pretty much just want it for Black Mesa, Half life 2 and Fear.


    Instead of just anwering the question mysyelf I better link to this thread from last last week. Seems more appropriate than only giving you the dev’s point of view.

    But yes, for the games you mentioned vorpX comes close, although it has a lot more to do than the AI mod, which basically just unlocks a VR mode that was implemented by the game devs themselves and then hidden away for the release version.


    I play all my VorpX games seated, mainly because I prefer playing them in Cinema mode rather than full VR mode. Cinema mode unfortunately gives the impression that you’re just sitting at a large screen, but to me, if you zoom the window up close, its more like looking into a deep 3D scene, only its controlled by mouse and keyboard (or controller). You can’t even tell there is a window.
    Lots of people use full VR mode, but I prefer cinema for a few reasons:
    – No loss of native game menus, hud etc. Everything is the same.
    – Playing demanding games that drive the FPS down, don’t bother me, since I don’t need it at 90fps like full VR. I regularly play demanding games at 30-50fps no problem since I don’t move my head around.
    – seated is damn nice for 2 hour sessions. I can use the mouse to move my head.
    – I’ve always prefered mouse and keyboard, lots of buttons.
    – You never need to worry about “dialing in” the right settings for full VR to match what you expect. It literally take me 0 mintues to set up a new game.
    – 3rd person games!

    Anyways, just one persons point of view on seated experience. There are tons of fullVR games that work wonderfully as well.

    Its been the best money I’ve spent on VR over 3 years. So worth it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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