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    I try to keep playing the *original* Bioshock for Windows in Windows 11 with vorpx, but it crashes constantly when loading and saving, mainly. it’s almost unplayable for that, but I have read other people that does not have this problem, so I ask

    What is the minimum Windows Version (xp,vista,8,7,10… etc.) able to run vorpx with ? I would try vorpx on that version with this game, and see if all the crashes dissapear.

    By the way, if anyone knows how to fix this game in Win11 let me know please.


    The last supported version is Windows 10 (which is almost 9 years old now already). Older versions are not supported anymore.


    Never had a crash on Win10 with Bioshock 1 original (and Infinite) with VorpX. I played with a reverb G2 and it was perfect (OpenXR runtime).

    I didn’t crash on Win11 but I only played a few minutes.

    With Varjo Aero, I was forced to use SteamVR runtime, and It freeze for a second sometimes (but maybe it’s just me), so I use a G2 again.

    I have only a few crashes on Bioshock 2 on Win11 (1 per 5 hours I would say), but I had to do this :

    Bioshock 2 (Fixed crash)

    You should switch between two savegames, because if it crashes during the save process, you may have to remove the last savegame from directory (or the game will crash at launch).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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